Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was so sad today! My dear God, do YOU hear me? I pray so hard to hope YOU will hear me. Please...I really need YOUR help. Please listen to my pray...make my pray come true. I'm not greedy to ask for many wishes. Just one and only ONE. me! I need YOU, GOD! T.T

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I pray, I wish, I hope... God...Please hear my pray,wish and hope. I need your help. Please...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I've just watched "Eat Pray Love" by Juliet Roberts. I'm quite outdated huh? But who care?
I fell in love with this movie because it brought me lesson about life. How wish am I can like Liz in the movie which can travel around the world and gain the different experiences. Understand the place's culture, mix well with them and be good friends with them.
  • In the Rome, I love the thought of the Italians - "Be joyful by doing nothing"(I don't know how to speak in Italian). And the Italian language is so fantastic. The rhythm is so amazing! If I'm giving a chance to learn foreign language, I might choose Italian. Eat at Italy is a best choice because there is alots of nice food such as Spagetti, Pizza and so on.

  • For pray, India is the best place to go. Meditation is the best medicine for us to figure out what we want. Clear your mind, without any thinking. Silence doesn't seems to be a bad thing but in other way, it can let you get something unexpected.

  • Bali which is the love's heaven. It is such a harmonic and peaceful place. How best to have an aventure there. In this movie, they said everyone who has visit Bali must have an aventure. It is so true because in such a lovely place, everyone will becoming adorable and sweet.

I wish I could go for Eat Pray Love once in my lifetime because it is a great experience to have. I wish I could!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

World Vision

Yesterday night I found a best friend who has the same idea with me to do some volunteer's work. So we decided to search for information on this.
And finally I found the World Vision website and they have the Sponsor Child's activity. So my friend and I had made decision to sponsor a child. We know that we can't really afford to do so by giving RM50 each month, so we found 3 more people to share with us by decrease our burden. So we only need to pay RM10 each month and we can help a child who needs us!
I feel so happy cause at last I did this. I wish to do this since years ago but didn't really take action. But this time my friend and I decided to take action on this matter.
Although we haven't get any reply from World Vision, but I hope they will find a child for us very soon so that we can help the child. I'm so excited to know who is the cute and adorable's child.
Besides, my friend and I also registered for volunteer's work at World Vision. Both of us were so excited yesterday when we discussed. But the volunteer's work have to wait the reply from them if they have any activities need volunteers. So we just can wait.
Hmmm...if possible, I would like to sponsor more and more children because they really need helps from us.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today's work done!
I've cleaned the basin, sweep and mop floor, simply cleaned my room's desk and cleaned up the disgusting spider net!
Why am I so hardworking today?
This is because yesterday I saw a cockroach which I hate the most! This motivated me to have a small clean-up today.
I found out housewive are so great because they willing to clean the whole house everyday without complains. Clean the house is so tiring and headache.
But I think I can't be the great housewife though since I love to depend on my mood to do cleaning.
After do some housework, sweat alot but I love this feeling. It's like having an exercise. It is a good exercise to help me keep diet!=)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Starts!

Finally my 3 weeks of sufferness already past! I hate the feeling during that period. No outing, just sit down and study study. It's really sucks!
Now, I can shower myself with alots of stuffs that I can't do during exam period. I can sleep for 12 hours without set alarm, I can online for whole day, I can go out gather and chit-chat with beloved friends and most importantly, can spend my precious 3 weeks time with family at home!
I haven't make my holiday plan but I think I need to have recharge myself by sleep first before have energy to continue my holiday plan.

Monday, November 8, 2010

萧亚轩 - 错的人



爱得太真 太容易 让自己牺牲
太容易 不顾一切 满是伤痕
我太笨 明知道你是错的人

可能 在爱里面这样算笨
可能 永远没有所谓永恒 ohhh
但是我 不愿放弃这里面一点点可能

我太笨 明知道你是错的人

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


没关系 没关系
怪就怪我放不下 NO~~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 weeks of study week is starting since Friday.
But I let myself be lazy and relax, my study week start only after today which means tomorrow, yes! It's tomorrow I'll going to start my study week.
These two days I was busying complete my half-way-drama and play The Sims. I loved this type of life very much. No need to work, no need to study. No worries, no stress. Be myself, no need to meet anyone and be the fake me. Will I have such life when I'm still alive?
Sometimes I'm pessimistic. Sometimes I'm weak. And sometimes I hate. I hate all the things around me. Hate myself being like this. Hate everyone who gave me alot of problems. Hate studies. Hate lecturers and hate many more.
I know we shouldn't hate anyone because they have their rights of doing something. So I'll just hate myself being such a coward, such a fake people.
I'm not tough at all! I was fulled of stress!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Monday, October 4, 2010



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Holiday End!

My semester break is going to end in 2 more days!
I don't want to back to the stress and tired days. But what to do? I still need to go back.
Am going to meet my friends in uni and my baby dear. But very soon, I need to face the final exam.
This semester is a tough sem for me because all subjects are too hard. Since first day of the semester, I didn't concentrate in the lecture, always sleep at house. Didn't revise even though there will be test tomorrow. I was totally lazing around this semester.
I miss my home very much although I'll back every weekend. But just two days were not enough for me this greedy gal. I want to stay at home sweet home forever but I know it is impossible. People will grow up. So everything will change. But no matter how am I going to change, I still will love my family very much and forever.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My 2 weeks holiday already passed more than half just like this without do anything.
The first 5 days I went to Penang with coursemates. This can said is the first time I had trip with coursemates. But too bad, got some of friends can't make it though.
After back to hometown, I was falling sick and my few days just wasted with sickness. When sick, I was so lazy to do anything. Am so lazy to go out also. Assignments all have to postpond.
After recovered, I still lazing around. Fashion world, PPS, Tv and etc but just do not want to start assignments.
Until today, I just wanted to start 1 of my assignments. Although can copy and paste but I still do not know how to do. What a shame! I also don't know why this semester I felt like so lazy and have no strength when face with studies!
4 more days! Arggg!!!! 4 more days then I have to go back to uni and study again. I'm so tired with it! I must fully enjoy my home sweet home before back to uni! Yes! I have to! Assignments can't block me to enjoy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello my little bloggie!!! I'm so sorry for abandon you for such a long time. So your owner me trying to make you alive again. =)
The semester is going to step into the 8th week and for the past 7 weeks, there had alots of things happened. Ups and downs, happy and sad, enjoyed and suffered.... All happened!
But, luckily all passed! And recently I felt quite funny with those people who same lab class with me. You kow who you are ya! They angry us because lose to us to grab the apparatus! Omg! It's really freaking funny and non-sense. And beginning of that day, they just like ignored us! But what I felt unhappy is the way they treated my roommate. I don't know is it I'm too sensitive or they really do like this. They actually were one group of best friends and will go anywhere together. But this semester, they treated her like not a best friend anymore and didn't invite her go along anywhere but asked the other gal who not really closed with them to go. This make my roommate felt sad. Why they so 'kiasu'? So scare of people to win them and treat their best friend like this. I so hate them! By the way, after next year May, I think I will not meet them anymore since they are such coward!
Well, I don't want to talk about them anymore and waiting for our group next trip to Penang! Sapoh roommate, don't worry. They don't made you as best friend, nevermind! I will make you to be mine! Let's enjoy our trip fully! Don't bother them although I know you will not!=)
Okay...I write till here first. Out of mind what to write! Bye!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The End

Finally, my Industrial Training was coming to the end. This was the time I wished it to come faster but now, I was a bit upset because I had a great time with my colleagues this 2 months.
Although 2 months doesn't seems long but also not a short period. Our friendship is built! I very happy to know them in TQCC.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me alots in TQCC, taught me so many things that I couldn't learn in University. I also want to thank Nurul & Siti, my good friends in TQCC. They treat me very very nice. I'm very glad that I can knew them. Both of them are nice and sweet girls. Besides, I want to thank KLK's Group for giving me this chance to training here and had a great experience.
Today, everyone was asking me whether I will working at TQCC again after graduate? I also don't know how to answer them but hopefully, I also want to go back there because the place is near my house and the most important is, the people there are really nice and friendly. I'm not regret chosen this place as my training place.
Although you guys can't see my this post, but I just want to tell here I very happy to know you guys! Nice to meet you everyone in TQCC! This post is specially dedicated to you all. Hope you all are happy and take care. All the best people!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friendship Forever!

I am so lazy to update blog these few days because I'm very very tired!
So until now, I just want to update about my last weekend's activities.

Last Saturday, once I finished work, I straight took KTM back to Seremban and met my bunch of besties. We were going to Malacca for 2 days 1 night. Yeah! Finally we made it!

In overall, I love this trip very much. The were many reasons and one of it was finally our first trip is done since we knew each other many years ago. They brought alot of laughters, happiness and joys to my life especially the FOUR GILRS! I really love them alots because they will always by my side whenever I need them, I need someone to talk to. They are really a nice friend of mine. We shared happiness, sadness, secrets and etc. Four of us knew each other almost for 10 years already. It's unbelieveable. I believe we are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, will us?

In the trip, we ate, we shopped, we camwhored, and we joked around. And we met someone new! You know who you are! Lolz.... I wish you both stay happily together!=)

Although the trip was so short of time and tired, but it's worth because we are even step more closer to each other. I do really enjoy this trip, so how you guys think?

I'll plan another trip for us to enjoy and share hapiness again! I really love to travel with best friends and my beloved!

Ning Shing

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This post is specially dedicated to a bunch of my besties of secondary school - Mei Yen, Soon Chee, Felix Siow, Jason and the one who 'leave aeroplane' - Hwei Nee for the surprise celebration of my birthday!
Thank you my friends!! I really appreciate it alot. I can feel lotz of from you guys. I you all much much!!!
And I can't wait for next week's trip. I want to enjoy with you guys.
I really feel that I am a lucky girl which has a lotz of besties beside me. I thought once we separate from secondary school, then we might not contact anymore. But luckily, they are still there with me. No change of friendship. I love this kind of feelings. We must friendship forever till no end!
I you guys. Muackssssssssss
I really felt surprise just now. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday!

It's my birthday today!
Thank you for all my friends who has sent their wishes through messages and facebook. I am so happy. And thanks my colleague, Siti who has wished me just now.
I'm 22nd years old and I am getting older and older. I just can't believe that I've passed my 22 years of life.
Here I am going to thanks my parents for their pampered loves and cares. Thank you for everything you both had done for me. Thanks my siblings for take care of me and fetch me to everywhere I want and of course sent me to work everyday. Thank you so much.
Chinese festival, Duan Wu Jie and, my dad's chinese's birthday also fall on today. It's such a coincidence. Happy birthday to my dad and also Happy Duan Wu Jie to everyone out there.
My birthday wishes are:
Hope my parents and siblings stay healthy and happy always.
Hope my studies will go smooth until I'm graduate.
Hope my bf and besties will happy always.
I am so greedy, do I?*hehehe*
But what to do. All of them are the most important parts in my life. Of course I want them stay healthy and happily always.
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to myself!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today was the first time I managed to online since 8.30a.m. at the office till office hour end. Nothing to do but just facebook-ing and check out people's pictures and blogs. I was so boring till the max.
But finally I found a thing to do and that is to update my so-dead-blog. It's been ages since last update. Okay...let's start to update my last week's happenings.
Some of my besties said to me that they were not coming back to PJ last week. But but but, I could met them in my house after back from work. Why? This is because my bf and them already planned to give me a surprise-early-birthday-celebration. I was so touched yet happy. This was the first year I had my birthday celebration with bunch of besties and bf together in my uni's life. I love them to the max!
But, unfortunately, they failed to give me the surprise they planned to at first. Nevermind, who cares? As long as all of you were here with me. *happy happy*
Then the night we went to One Utama for dinner and Tropicana for movie. The day was fulled with joys and laughters.
The next day my bf and I went to the Curve for our next celebration. Although in the meantime we argued but it's okay after we had our nice yummy dinner.*yum yum*. I really thanks my bf for what he done for me and sorry for my capricious, my bad attitude. I love you much!
And yesterday, my bf and I applied for leave to register our next semester course and of course, dating for the last day of the week.
I am so so happy to have bunch of besties around me and my bf beside me all the time when I need them no matter when I was on the up or the down of my life. Beside my family, all of you are the most important person in my life forever. Thanks my beloved friends and bf! Muacksssssssssssss
I got to go because it's almost reach my time to go back home. Bye!=P

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Intern's Life

So fast I going to end my 2nd week of intership. I think this week so far is quite okay compared to last week. This week I had learnt more and did more experiments which I didn't do it for last week. At least I no need to sit in the office and just do my readings. It's really boring. This week I was in the Palm Oil & Effluent's section. Basically those testing parameter I had learnt in lecture before but just in theory and not practical. So, from this intern, I'm able to apply the theory I learned in uni. The lab assistant there were quite friendly compared to the Latex's section. They are willing to teach me step by step. This make me more understood how this experiment is conducted and so I enable to do it myself independently. In this section, I can learn alots. I still have most probably 4 weeks in this section and I hope I can gain more knowledge which I cannot get it from lecture. So, good luck to myself and also my lovely friends at MPOB. You guys know who you are. All the best ya. =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 days of work!

After 3 days, my Industrial Training just have ONE word to describe - BORING!
Until now, I haven't start any experiment yet but I just like an office girl to sit inside aircond room and read articles. It was superb boring until I fell asleep and didn't realize my boss was standing beside. But luckily, he didn't notice that I was sleeping. ^^
Those people there majority is Chinese and Indian and minority of course, is Malays. I guessed there is a lot of competition to work there as a permanent staff because in this company, there is total 8 chemists and 7 of them are chinese. I also met my big boss and QA manager. Both of them quite nice but my colleagues seems not very like them. Maybe they have their own reasons since they worked with both of them for quite a long period.
As heard from one of my colleague, if work at there for permanent, there is a mininum 5 months of bonus and alots of leave provided. It's attractive! I wish to go back to this company after I graduate but my boss said he does not want any girls more and want sent me to Kalimantan. Swt....
I stopped my update here and overall, I don't like to work without doing anything instead of just sitting and read! Please give me something to do and I need to pass up my report!!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Suffer of one another one.

Finally my 2nd year 2nd semester is overed!
And now, my 2nd year special semester is coming.
I'm so so so stress and scare about my industrial training.
I am just alone over the new environment and there is no one I can trust like my closest friends. I have no one can rely on and everything need to depend on myself. I have no more besties beside me whenever I need them. Whatever I will do at there also need to be alone.
This is my really first time to work alone in an adult's society. Although said I had an experience to work 1 month as a computer teacher before, but, my besty-Wye Lyng was accompany me there almost all the time. That's why I felt so comfortable and won't so stress like now.
I think everyone also need to grow up and so do I. I chatted with my friend just now and he told me nothing to be scare. You need to fall down and criticize by people, then you just will grow up. I understand but I just can't accept it right now.
Suddenly feel so helpless and depressed! Am I so useless? Am I a dependent people? I think I need to do a well preparation on my mentality before start my training next Monday.
I really hope everything will be fine there and hope my training will be smooth with joys.

Saturday, March 20, 2010










p/s: Adapted from a video in facebook!



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life for past few weeks!

Few weeks didn't update my blog already. So I decided to update it today to prove that it's still alive.

For the past few weeks, there were many things happened on my friends surrounded me and myself. Because of these, my mood doesn't seems good.

One of my friends told me that she got a guy chasing her but she refused to accept him. She has her reasons to reject the guy but my advise to her is think properly before make any decision that will affect her future.

Besides, I was still worrying about my internship. Although I got the company, but I still don't know where should I stay for the 8 weeks and how am I going to work? I know I should call the supervisor but I don't know what should I ask him. Dad was asking me to make a call as soon as possible and I think I have to call them by next week.

Another friends of mine had problem with her boyfriend. But I think the problem has solved and they will be happily till forever. What I happy for is she told me that she finally found out that she love her current boyfriend more than her dream guy.

Arguement always will end up with sadness,anger and etc. I don't know why people want to argue for stupid little thing. After one arguement, they need to apologise to each other. So what is the point? For improve relationship by a small arguement? Or they were boring with their life and wanted to make some rhythm of life?

What I hate the most is I got a selfish housemate+coursemate!!!! I don't know why got such people in the world. Everything is started by him but now he said that we are liar! I very angry when he said that because he is the one who said lies to us. What also want to be first, so "KIASU". WHat people have, he also wants. ALways just like to follow people silently, observe what people done. I still need to face him for 1 year. I don't know we still will be friend in future. But if he still behave like this, my answer will be definitely NO!

Final is coming very soon. But I still haven't make any preparation yet. My result will gone this semester? I hope NO! I know hope must be achieve by action. So let's start my revision next monday? LOlz....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I really do not have any CNY's feel this year. Everyday also tired due to sickness, sweat because of weather it's hot.
Because of these, I do no have mood to go out. Just sit in front of my pc and watching PPS.
Recently, I'm watching a korean drama. It's very nice. This drama is my mum recommand to me one. She kept said very nice. So I try to open and watch it. After watched, I'm addicted! 1 day watched 20 episodes. LOL...
Today is 3rd day of CNY. My half CNY is passed just by doing nothing at all.
There have 3 more tests waiting for me after this holiday. I haven't start revise yet. I'm too lazy to start it!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyone is headed back to their hometown for celebrate the coming soon CNY and so do I. But I can't really feel the CNY atmosphere. Why? All busy with their studies, work, money and etc?
For me, it was a bad day. I was falling sick. Stupid idiot virus, why you approach to me? It's too bad!
As usual, I have to clean up the house, wash all the curtains, mop the floor, sweep the dust and so on. But, I will wait for my sister and brothers to come back and work out with me.
In this coming CNY, there is someone missing and that is my grandpa. He died at 3rd day of CNY last year. He cannot join our CNY celebrating anymore. He had leave us for 1 year. I miss him very much.
After CNY, my nightmare will start! It is 8th week for the semester and it means already half semester was gone. Half semester without doing something. Everyday sleep at lecture, chit-chat with friends, or dreaming as well. I don't know what I had learn in this past half semester. So after CNY, I should start to revise??? Kidding! ^^ But somehow, I also need to start a little bit by little bit because all the tests are waiting for me. I hate this kind of life.
I think I should stop crapping here and start to help my mum to clean the house.
Take care my friends and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of my readers and HAPPY VALENTINE too to all the lovely couples.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reunion Dinner Year 2010

Year 2010 Reunion Dinner!!! Wish everyone have a bless tiger's year! All the best to you guys. Love you all very much!


Monday, February 1, 2010

The weather is too hot and I have no mood to do everything except sleep in aircond's room!!!
Say NO to Medicinal!!!!=P

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My 4th week

I do not have mood to study recently.
Everyday just think of play, shoppimg, sleep and etc that make me enjoy my life.
Next Wednesday I'll have a test but I'm still not really want to revise it.
Am I too enjoy my life? Or I'm starting to be lazy? I'm wondering~~

For the week, I still the same. After Tuesday, my life is totally enjoyable. Class on Wednesday until 1pm, Thursday until 10am and Friday until 9am. That's a great time table for me since past 3 semesters.

Wednesday night, my formal group of besties coursemates had our dinner at Strawberry Cafe at New town. This been ages since last gathering we had. I love this kind of gathering with them because of them, I smile, I laugh, I care and I love. They really bring alots of laughters to me.

While my Thursday, I also spent the time with them at MidValley. We went to watch Legion and also Haunted University. This outing was enjoyable because we watched two movies on that day continuously. I never try this before and that day, I'd broke my record!

And my Friday and Saturday noon, I played The Sims 3 for few hours. I was addicted to it!!! I can't stop playing that unless there is something to stop me!

That's all for my 4th week of Semester 2 09/10.


Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm Sorry!

I knew that I'd hurt you always.
I'm sorry, my sweetheart.
I'm not mean to hurt you actually. I just don't know how to confess to you.
But I know it's too late for me to say anything.
What I can say is I'm so sorry and hope you will be happy forever without getting hurt by me anymore.
I'm Sorry!

*I don't know whether you will read my blog or not. But I'm just not dare to talk face to face to you. I don't know how to face you. I just know I'm very bad. I have no the rights to hurt you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

The brand new year is come!
Year 2009 was a tough year for me.
Pressure on studies, both of my grandfathers was passed away, moody, sentimental and etc.
But luckily, all these have gone and a brand new year is come.
I hope my year 2010 is great and enjoyable.
I hope my parents and family always healthy and safe.
I hope my studies is smooth until I graduate.
I hope my friends are happy always and cheer up.
I hope everything fine for those who surrounding me.
Happy Year 2010 to everyone!
Hope everyone has an advance year!