Saturday, September 25, 2010


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Holiday End!

My semester break is going to end in 2 more days!
I don't want to back to the stress and tired days. But what to do? I still need to go back.
Am going to meet my friends in uni and my baby dear. But very soon, I need to face the final exam.
This semester is a tough sem for me because all subjects are too hard. Since first day of the semester, I didn't concentrate in the lecture, always sleep at house. Didn't revise even though there will be test tomorrow. I was totally lazing around this semester.
I miss my home very much although I'll back every weekend. But just two days were not enough for me this greedy gal. I want to stay at home sweet home forever but I know it is impossible. People will grow up. So everything will change. But no matter how am I going to change, I still will love my family very much and forever.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My 2 weeks holiday already passed more than half just like this without do anything.
The first 5 days I went to Penang with coursemates. This can said is the first time I had trip with coursemates. But too bad, got some of friends can't make it though.
After back to hometown, I was falling sick and my few days just wasted with sickness. When sick, I was so lazy to do anything. Am so lazy to go out also. Assignments all have to postpond.
After recovered, I still lazing around. Fashion world, PPS, Tv and etc but just do not want to start assignments.
Until today, I just wanted to start 1 of my assignments. Although can copy and paste but I still do not know how to do. What a shame! I also don't know why this semester I felt like so lazy and have no strength when face with studies!
4 more days! Arggg!!!! 4 more days then I have to go back to uni and study again. I'm so tired with it! I must fully enjoy my home sweet home before back to uni! Yes! I have to! Assignments can't block me to enjoy!