Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Intern's Life

So fast I going to end my 2nd week of intership. I think this week so far is quite okay compared to last week. This week I had learnt more and did more experiments which I didn't do it for last week. At least I no need to sit in the office and just do my readings. It's really boring. This week I was in the Palm Oil & Effluent's section. Basically those testing parameter I had learnt in lecture before but just in theory and not practical. So, from this intern, I'm able to apply the theory I learned in uni. The lab assistant there were quite friendly compared to the Latex's section. They are willing to teach me step by step. This make me more understood how this experiment is conducted and so I enable to do it myself independently. In this section, I can learn alots. I still have most probably 4 weeks in this section and I hope I can gain more knowledge which I cannot get it from lecture. So, good luck to myself and also my lovely friends at MPOB. You guys know who you are. All the best ya. =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 days of work!

After 3 days, my Industrial Training just have ONE word to describe - BORING!
Until now, I haven't start any experiment yet but I just like an office girl to sit inside aircond room and read articles. It was superb boring until I fell asleep and didn't realize my boss was standing beside. But luckily, he didn't notice that I was sleeping. ^^
Those people there majority is Chinese and Indian and minority of course, is Malays. I guessed there is a lot of competition to work there as a permanent staff because in this company, there is total 8 chemists and 7 of them are chinese. I also met my big boss and QA manager. Both of them quite nice but my colleagues seems not very like them. Maybe they have their own reasons since they worked with both of them for quite a long period.
As heard from one of my colleague, if work at there for permanent, there is a mininum 5 months of bonus and alots of leave provided. It's attractive! I wish to go back to this company after I graduate but my boss said he does not want any girls more and want sent me to Kalimantan. Swt....
I stopped my update here and overall, I don't like to work without doing anything instead of just sitting and read! Please give me something to do and I need to pass up my report!!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Suffer of one another one.

Finally my 2nd year 2nd semester is overed!
And now, my 2nd year special semester is coming.
I'm so so so stress and scare about my industrial training.
I am just alone over the new environment and there is no one I can trust like my closest friends. I have no one can rely on and everything need to depend on myself. I have no more besties beside me whenever I need them. Whatever I will do at there also need to be alone.
This is my really first time to work alone in an adult's society. Although said I had an experience to work 1 month as a computer teacher before, but, my besty-Wye Lyng was accompany me there almost all the time. That's why I felt so comfortable and won't so stress like now.
I think everyone also need to grow up and so do I. I chatted with my friend just now and he told me nothing to be scare. You need to fall down and criticize by people, then you just will grow up. I understand but I just can't accept it right now.
Suddenly feel so helpless and depressed! Am I so useless? Am I a dependent people? I think I need to do a well preparation on my mentality before start my training next Monday.
I really hope everything will be fine there and hope my training will be smooth with joys.