Sunday, August 30, 2009

Money is really a main cause for human to be quarrel about.

We better do not involve money's problem with people.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick Update!!!

It's been ages I didn't update my blog.
I'm quite lazy recently due to my 7 weeks of lab and early morning's classes.
Today since I am so free, then just update a short post.

I was sick since Friday. Fever and flu. H1N1? Touch wood....
Today not really recover yet. Still having flu but I guessed fever is off.
Recently in my uni, there are many people who sick. Coughing around, sneezing around. All the bacterial moving around in the lecture hall. So, my immune system cant fight with those bacterial and ended up with sick.

All my friends are working at PC Fair Maxis Broadband. Today is the last day for them. I also have work at first but since my parents don't allow me to work, so I didn't work. I think 5 of them were really tired because need to stand from 11am until 9pm something. But worth also because they can earn pocket money. RM80 per day for basic and commision is extra pay. Good luck guys. Fight for the last day!!!

I think is enough for me to update today. I feel sleepy cause of flu. Gonna sleep already. Bye!!!!