Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The End of 2014

7 days more and we will saying good bye to year 2014 and welcoming year 2015. 
For year 2014, I considered there were ups and downs, happy and sad happened on me. 
Let's reflect back what had happened on this year.

Early of year, I've been successful to apply for working visa which is one of my dreams. And of course, I was super duper excited about it. My mind was start planning when am I going to resign and achieve my dream, where I want to stay, what type of works am I going to do and etc. My mind was can't stopped thinking of these. At least, my dream is getting closer. 

In the first quarter of year, ups and downs happened on me. I was considered myself as the worst person. I did a lot of bad things in the quarter. Hurting people that I loved and who loved me. I was too childish and sucks. I can't believe that I could do something like this. I was so regretful to what I've done to them. At the same time, I can clearly see through who was the good and who was the bad. But at least now I found the best suit me which I don't feel regret of the past that I've done. 

On October, one of my dream places to travel was came true - Paris. Thank you for my boyfie who made this came true. I've been travelling in UK, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. I was so in love with Europe countries. The foods, the fashions, the handbags, the dresses and everything were too attractive. I hope I can migrate over there and I believe that I can shopping until drop. The things were really cheap and all are branded. So now, I am working hard to seek for job in Europe.  

And dilemma was happened again. I was in a complicated mind. I have no enough money for me to resign and go for working holiday. I have too much of commitments and I did not plan well since early of year. And many of the old folks were advising me not to go as next year might be the hard year due to recession. They said since now have a good pay and stable job so I should not resign and go for working holiday. Some said why should I work so suffer to pluck apple, pack kiwi but not sit in the air conditional room to do simple job. That's make me so headache and I need to make decision fast. 

That's my whole year stories. It's Christmas eve today and I am going to celebrate it with families before the end of year 2014. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my readers! Cheers!!!