Monday, June 9, 2014

Dare to dream. Dare to fly. Dare to achieve.

Since ages I have not been update my blog. This morning my bff was just telling me to update it because she has nothing to read. So here you go sapoh.

This picture I had edited quite some times ago. I feel the quote is quite suitable to put on this picture because that was a plane's wing. Which can be indicated as a human's wing. Human has no visible wing but they have invisible wing to fly up high. 

A human's wing is very powerful but yet fragile. To make the wing grows stronger, you need to have million or zillion of courage. Everyone not born to have wing. Even a bird born to has wing. But if it does not has courage to learn and fly, the wings on it was a wastage. 

I know that I have a pair of wing. And a dream make my wings become stronger. I know I can fly with this pair of wings. My dream is waiting for me. I want to use my pair of wings to reach the destination, to reach my dream and achieve it. 

"Dare to dream. Dare to fly. Dare to Achieve."