Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birthday Party for Mr.Kwan


Today, we organised a belated birthday party for Mr. Kwan!

Actually his birthday was on 25/9/2007 but on that day, more than half of our class were absent!Then all the people said we not ikhlas at all to celebrate birthday for him!WTF!
On the early morning, we all distributed the work to each other!But but FEW students not even helped but ate alot!
We had prepared various type of foods like sandwich, meehoon, fishball, jelly mooncake, curry-puff, hotdog, fruits' salad and etc....
Sammy had prepared jelly with cartoon and Billy prepared star jelly and jelly mooncake!Really delicious!

We didn't buy birthday cake but our creative have bring us a Creative birthday cake - Jelly...
We put the jelly together and put the candles on it!Really creative I thought!Lol....

After that, Mr. Kwan was coming in our class.....And started to sing birthday song for
him....Then we started to have our foods!

Then we combined all the tables so that we can sat together with Mr. Kwan....

After finished eat, we took photos with Mr. Kwan.... After his period ended, he gave us some speech.....after that, he left!
This party was not ended of his leave...But we still continued to wait Pn. Tan to come.
She came and at first she wanna to teach and asked us to clean it up!But, we all pujuk her and finally we can have fun for 2 more periods again!Yahooooo....
While Pn. Tan had her foods, we all show our drawing skills on the board!

Then....we had our photo session!!!We take our class photo with Pn. Tan and of course...with each others friends!

Photo Session With Friends



On Wednesday, Chai Pic said she wanna eat steam-boat......So I & she planned to have steam-boat on Thursday!
Chai Pic explained to me & John how attractive the place is.....
So...we all planned to go there and eat!
The steam-boat place is located at Lobak, 17bucks per how much you like!!
Waooo.....really attractive!
We went there at 7p.m.Of course, John, Chai Pic and Cheng were the first arrived there!
They started bbq without waiting us!So bad....
Then, I and Mr.Siow & Mrs.Siow went and took foods.....
I took whole plate fulled....They all ejek pulak!!!Too bad!!Lol
We kept eating until fulled!I was lousy because I'm the first who felt full!haha...
Then I rested and read newspaper!
After that, all started to feel fulled!So....all rested and ate some snacks like ice-cream!
The ice-cream really yummy especially the mint flavour!
The most suprsingly is Chai Pic can kept eating....She went to take those foods most frequently!Waoooo....We all laughed at her!
Besides, the John wanna fighted with the other people....To see who gonna back earlier!Almost all people lose to us but only one!!!
Our next table got 5 people.....they were around 20 somthing years old....
They can stayed there longer than us!
I don't know how many round we had ate!
But I just know all of us were superb fulled!
Then....we went back around 10p.m.
It's really fun to have steam-boat with a group of friends!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cousin's Wedding

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6........seconds
My dad turned to drink......
Shermane & my dad
Cousin's bf-Ah Keong, cousin-Ah Ling, The couple & Big Uncle
The Girls and The Couple
+=+ Four Golden Flowers +=+
Four Sista
Ah Kwee and Mom
Me and Mummy
2nd brother, Mikki, Sis, Me & The Couple
Big Brother & 2nd Brother
Daddy & Mummy
+=+ Mikki, Zen & +=+

17/09/2007 is my cousin- ah lan's wedding!

She and her husband were at Singapore!So they came KL to organize thier wedding party just for our KL relatives.

All of the relatives were at KL but just my family at Seremban.
So we departed from Sbn to KL at 5pm....

We arrived at the restaurant at 6:15pm....all my relatives havent arrived yet!So we waited them at car!The restaurant was located at Setapak Six Happiness....

Almost half an hour passed, my cousin came with her pretty white skirt.

Then we went up to the restaurant.

Before I went up, my mom told me that she saw my primary school's friend also organized her wedding party at there too!I get a shock!I cant believed that she married in an early age!

Then, I just don't care and went up!OMG!!!I want to complain that our Malaysians are too PUNCTUAL!They really don't have time punctuality!The party started at 8pm something!Huh~~~I didnt eat much at noon!So my stomach was making noise there!Lol....

Then, we ate until the fifth food, me and sis were going to my 2nd aunt there and talked.....
There really noisy and have a lot of fun!

Then about 9pm something, we all having our photo session with the couple!

The "Four Golden Flowers" took photo with the new couple!The Golden Flowers really looked like each other!That's cant deny that they are not sisters!Lol....

Then....our turned to take photo!!!This photo session took about half an hour....

After that, almost 10pm something, there was a "drank" Martell for 6 seconds between my dad, cousin-Ah Kwee, cousin sister-in-law-Pei Ling and cousin's boyfriend.....The whole party was at the high stage! dad was drunk!Lol.....He kept talked with my cousin sister-in-law.....Haha...Really a funny view!

After that, we all backed!

That's really a happy and warmed family reunion party!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Burfday Party!

+=+ mE and SunSun +=+
Siok Shing, Soon Chee, SunSun, Mei Yen, Me

Yen Yen, Me Me, Chee Chee

+=+ SmIlE +=+ (14/09/2007) +=+ Yen & Me +=+

Yesterday we all celebrated SunSun's birthday!

Although it was past a week, but we still celebrated with her!

We went to Pizza and they'd ordered Hawaiian Chicken and what what
Me, Siow and Sc went to Baker Cottage to buy her a fruit cake.....

After had our dinner at Pizza, we continued our next plan----- That is sing K

We straight away went up to the 3rd floor of PArkson and sing K.
SS companied SunSun went to toilet and changed the cutie skirt that we'd presented her!
She really looks cute and pretty!

We sang about 2 hours.....

Suddenly Yen Yen choose a very suitable song for us to sing that is MayDay's 离开地球表面...

Really suitable for us because the song is asked us to throw away our stress, our problems...(We just finished our trial)....

Then around 10 somthing, we sing burfday song for SunSun and they'd asked her to use her mouth to take out the candle....So crazy!!!lol.....

We ate the nice fruit cake.....
Then is the funny session....Photo session....

Siow is the photographer.....Omg!!!He is very very Not-Pro.....Almost all the photos were blur!!

There were 3 handphones for him to take the photos....He kept complaining!He said because too many gurls look at him, so the photos were blur!!haha....

Next, we had bluetooth session also.....

We bluetooth the photos in each handphone to each other!

This bluetooth session made us settled at almost 11pm.

After that, we gonna to say goodbye and good night!
That was really a relaxable day for all of us!No Stress, No Problems, Just Have Fun!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is ME!!!


Hi....I'm new here!
Finally get to create this blog!
Hmmm..Now I should be at school but why I'm sitting in front of my computer and write blog?
Lol....because I'm a lazy pig.
I felt happy because trial is over!Finally it's over!
It is a suffered week for me, have to read and read and read....I'm going to crazy!
Felt very depressed before the trial, like wanna give up!
But luckily I'd have best friends companied me that suffer period!
And.....thanks Mr.Loo for telling us don't too serious in this trial, just tried our best then enough!Lol...really a great support!
Now....I felt free!!! need so stress anymore!
But scare of the result......Arg!!!
Anyway.....hope I have a very nice times in this 3 months.
May God bless!