Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friendship Forever!

I am so lazy to update blog these few days because I'm very very tired!
So until now, I just want to update about my last weekend's activities.

Last Saturday, once I finished work, I straight took KTM back to Seremban and met my bunch of besties. We were going to Malacca for 2 days 1 night. Yeah! Finally we made it!

In overall, I love this trip very much. The were many reasons and one of it was finally our first trip is done since we knew each other many years ago. They brought alot of laughters, happiness and joys to my life especially the FOUR GILRS! I really love them alots because they will always by my side whenever I need them, I need someone to talk to. They are really a nice friend of mine. We shared happiness, sadness, secrets and etc. Four of us knew each other almost for 10 years already. It's unbelieveable. I believe we are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, will us?

In the trip, we ate, we shopped, we camwhored, and we joked around. And we met someone new! You know who you are! Lolz.... I wish you both stay happily together!=)

Although the trip was so short of time and tired, but it's worth because we are even step more closer to each other. I do really enjoy this trip, so how you guys think?

I'll plan another trip for us to enjoy and share hapiness again! I really love to travel with best friends and my beloved!

Ning Shing

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This post is specially dedicated to a bunch of my besties of secondary school - Mei Yen, Soon Chee, Felix Siow, Jason and the one who 'leave aeroplane' - Hwei Nee for the surprise celebration of my birthday!
Thank you my friends!! I really appreciate it alot. I can feel lotz of from you guys. I you all much much!!!
And I can't wait for next week's trip. I want to enjoy with you guys.
I really feel that I am a lucky girl which has a lotz of besties beside me. I thought once we separate from secondary school, then we might not contact anymore. But luckily, they are still there with me. No change of friendship. I love this kind of feelings. We must friendship forever till no end!
I you guys. Muackssssssssss
I really felt surprise just now. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday!

It's my birthday today!
Thank you for all my friends who has sent their wishes through messages and facebook. I am so happy. And thanks my colleague, Siti who has wished me just now.
I'm 22nd years old and I am getting older and older. I just can't believe that I've passed my 22 years of life.
Here I am going to thanks my parents for their pampered loves and cares. Thank you for everything you both had done for me. Thanks my siblings for take care of me and fetch me to everywhere I want and of course sent me to work everyday. Thank you so much.
Chinese festival, Duan Wu Jie and, my dad's chinese's birthday also fall on today. It's such a coincidence. Happy birthday to my dad and also Happy Duan Wu Jie to everyone out there.
My birthday wishes are:
Hope my parents and siblings stay healthy and happy always.
Hope my studies will go smooth until I'm graduate.
Hope my bf and besties will happy always.
I am so greedy, do I?*hehehe*
But what to do. All of them are the most important parts in my life. Of course I want them stay healthy and happily always.
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to myself!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today was the first time I managed to online since 8.30a.m. at the office till office hour end. Nothing to do but just facebook-ing and check out people's pictures and blogs. I was so boring till the max.
But finally I found a thing to do and that is to update my so-dead-blog. It's been ages since last update. Okay...let's start to update my last week's happenings.
Some of my besties said to me that they were not coming back to PJ last week. But but but, I could met them in my house after back from work. Why? This is because my bf and them already planned to give me a surprise-early-birthday-celebration. I was so touched yet happy. This was the first year I had my birthday celebration with bunch of besties and bf together in my uni's life. I love them to the max!
But, unfortunately, they failed to give me the surprise they planned to at first. Nevermind, who cares? As long as all of you were here with me. *happy happy*
Then the night we went to One Utama for dinner and Tropicana for movie. The day was fulled with joys and laughters.
The next day my bf and I went to the Curve for our next celebration. Although in the meantime we argued but it's okay after we had our nice yummy dinner.*yum yum*. I really thanks my bf for what he done for me and sorry for my capricious, my bad attitude. I love you much!
And yesterday, my bf and I applied for leave to register our next semester course and of course, dating for the last day of the week.
I am so so happy to have bunch of besties around me and my bf beside me all the time when I need them no matter when I was on the up or the down of my life. Beside my family, all of you are the most important person in my life forever. Thanks my beloved friends and bf! Muacksssssssssssss
I got to go because it's almost reach my time to go back home. Bye!=P