Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was so sad today! My dear God, do YOU hear me? I pray so hard to hope YOU will hear me. Please...I really need YOUR help. Please listen to my pray...make my pray come true. I'm not greedy to ask for many wishes. Just one and only ONE. me! I need YOU, GOD! T.T

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I pray, I wish, I hope... God...Please hear my pray,wish and hope. I need your help. Please...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I've just watched "Eat Pray Love" by Juliet Roberts. I'm quite outdated huh? But who care?
I fell in love with this movie because it brought me lesson about life. How wish am I can like Liz in the movie which can travel around the world and gain the different experiences. Understand the place's culture, mix well with them and be good friends with them.
  • In the Rome, I love the thought of the Italians - "Be joyful by doing nothing"(I don't know how to speak in Italian). And the Italian language is so fantastic. The rhythm is so amazing! If I'm giving a chance to learn foreign language, I might choose Italian. Eat at Italy is a best choice because there is alots of nice food such as Spagetti, Pizza and so on.

  • For pray, India is the best place to go. Meditation is the best medicine for us to figure out what we want. Clear your mind, without any thinking. Silence doesn't seems to be a bad thing but in other way, it can let you get something unexpected.

  • Bali which is the love's heaven. It is such a harmonic and peaceful place. How best to have an aventure there. In this movie, they said everyone who has visit Bali must have an aventure. It is so true because in such a lovely place, everyone will becoming adorable and sweet.

I wish I could go for Eat Pray Love once in my lifetime because it is a great experience to have. I wish I could!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

World Vision

Yesterday night I found a best friend who has the same idea with me to do some volunteer's work. So we decided to search for information on this.
And finally I found the World Vision website and they have the Sponsor Child's activity. So my friend and I had made decision to sponsor a child. We know that we can't really afford to do so by giving RM50 each month, so we found 3 more people to share with us by decrease our burden. So we only need to pay RM10 each month and we can help a child who needs us!
I feel so happy cause at last I did this. I wish to do this since years ago but didn't really take action. But this time my friend and I decided to take action on this matter.
Although we haven't get any reply from World Vision, but I hope they will find a child for us very soon so that we can help the child. I'm so excited to know who is the cute and adorable's child.
Besides, my friend and I also registered for volunteer's work at World Vision. Both of us were so excited yesterday when we discussed. But the volunteer's work have to wait the reply from them if they have any activities need volunteers. So we just can wait.
Hmmm...if possible, I would like to sponsor more and more children because they really need helps from us.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today's work done!
I've cleaned the basin, sweep and mop floor, simply cleaned my room's desk and cleaned up the disgusting spider net!
Why am I so hardworking today?
This is because yesterday I saw a cockroach which I hate the most! This motivated me to have a small clean-up today.
I found out housewive are so great because they willing to clean the whole house everyday without complains. Clean the house is so tiring and headache.
But I think I can't be the great housewife though since I love to depend on my mood to do cleaning.
After do some housework, sweat alot but I love this feeling. It's like having an exercise. It is a good exercise to help me keep diet!=)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Starts!

Finally my 3 weeks of sufferness already past! I hate the feeling during that period. No outing, just sit down and study study. It's really sucks!
Now, I can shower myself with alots of stuffs that I can't do during exam period. I can sleep for 12 hours without set alarm, I can online for whole day, I can go out gather and chit-chat with beloved friends and most importantly, can spend my precious 3 weeks time with family at home!
I haven't make my holiday plan but I think I need to have recharge myself by sleep first before have energy to continue my holiday plan.