Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day out with Friends

Today just went to karaoke with Xin Hui, Wye Lyng and Jiuh Wong.
So happy to meet them again. We are hardly to meet each other after uni started. Sob.
We sang from 12pm until 3.30pm since the workers didn't ask us out.
It's fun and really had a great time.
After that, went to shop for a while and chat for uni's life.
End our gathering at 5pm.
And I had used up my Tuesday by going out with them and didn't do any revision for my Calculus Test next Tuesday.
I am waiting to die.....~~~

Monday, September 29, 2008

I had a great chatting with 1 of my old best friends just now.
We had chatted alot.
I missed the times we used to be together.
Then we chatted about our love's life.
I was so happy that she get a boyfriend.
It was a great news for her and for me.
I wish her all the best and stay forever with her loves one.
And we suddenly talked about HIM.
I told her all the grandpa & grandmom's stories.
And this made me think of him again.
I sent his picture and shown her.
I was thought that I had already forget about him, but the result was NOT.
He is still there. He is still in my mind after so many years.
How could this happened?
I don't know.
Sometimes I don't want him to appear in my mind anymore but sometimes I do.
Am I crazy? Lolx....
Gal, congrates that you found your Mr. Right! Stay happily forever!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


人生中有许多种 .


你怕不怕付出 ,
你会不会选择执迷不悟 ,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

Today is my Dearest mommy's birthday.
Since today is weekday, so we celebrated her birthday yesterday.
Actually we just planned to have dinner outside one but my aunt bought cake from KL to celebrate for my mom.
After that, we still had dinner outside with family and aunt.
The chesse yogurt cake.
My lovely Mommy!
Dearest Daddy & Mommy.
Sons and daughter with Mommy but where is my sister?Huh!!
Happy & lovely Family.
The 1 in pink white shirt is my mom's god-daughter.

4th aunt and mom.

Aunt's family and mom and I.

Happy birthday to you, Mommy!!!

Wish you healthy and smile always.

I love you, Mommy!

Yen Nee's Birthday...

My dear Yen Nee's birthday on 17/09/2008.
We celebrated at KFC outside our uni.
Let pictures do talking.

Yen Nee's birthday cake.

She wants to punch Hong Chiun. Fierce birthday gal! lolz.

Make a wish...make a wish...
Yen Nee & Yen Shan.
Dear & I.
The called act cute, Hong Chiun and Yen Nee.

Seng lim & Yen Nee.

Yen Nee & her roommate, Doreen.
Yen Nee & her called "BF".

Jie Ying, Yen Nee, Yeong Siang and Seng Lim.
The creamy war starts!!!
Eating also have to involve in the war!

The whole KFC's customers stared at us because we were too noisy. We screamed and chased each other in KFC because Creamy War started. All also have to involve in the war. I was the most terrible one. My whole face and hair was creamy attacked by Hong Chiun. Luckily I also attacked him back.

It was so funny and is my 1st time to have creamy war like this in the public.

Pesta Mooncake in KK3

Date: 15/09/2008
Time: 11p.m.
Venue: Kolej Kediaman Ketiga
Pesta Mooncake.

My Tanglung.

Seng Lim helped my dear to light up her candle.

4 tanglungs.

At the beginning....
In the process...
At the end....
Lighten up the pondok.Syafiq-The Malay.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mooncake's Festival

Yesterday was Mooncake's festival.
We went to my grandmom's house to have BBQ.
All my aunts and uncles from KL & Kajang were back to celebrate.
I was so happy that we still got this type of Reunion Party for Family.
Love to have this type of good times with my families.

Later on, when I arrived college, I brought my friends who didn't back to hometown for Mooncake's festival some mooncakes and the fried chickens that I get from my grandmom's house.
We chatted until 12am and went back to own room.

Happy Mooncake's festival to all of my friends although it was abit late.:)
Last week from Monday until Wednesday was my 1st activity that I joint since the day I came into uni.
It was a Buddhism Society. I was so enjoyed in the activity and the relation between my friends and I become closer again.:)
On Friday, we went to cycling in the evening around my campus. It was so dangerous because that time was office hour ended and there is alot of cars in the campus. I was so scared because quite a long time I didn't cycle already but I still enjoyed it.
The bicycles.

Yen Nee & her "BF".
The bicycle and I.

Kar Hooi - The Show Boy of bicycles.

Hong Chiun & Yen Nee.

Kar Hooi, Yen Nee & Hong Chiun outside our college.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1st week I didn't back...

Last week was my first time didn't back home on weekend. How sad! Miss my home sweet home.
Since I didn't back, I had planned to do my tutorial homework and revise for my Thermodynamic. But unfortunately, I didn't do anyone of them.
I just went out the 2 full days with my sister. On Saturday in the early morning, we went to One Utama to buy mooncakes for all my relatives at KL. After bought the mooncakes, we went for shopping and later on, we headed off to my 2nd aunt's house which located at Selayang. We stayed at there until 7 something after dinner.
Our next destination was my 4th aunt's house at Gombak. We waited for her to closed her shop and had steamboat supper until 11p.m.. Reached 3rd aunt's house at 11.30p.m..
On Sunday morning, we went to 4th aunt's house again because they wanted to go to Kuala Selangor for 1 day food's trip. So we followed them went to Kuala Selangor and had our breakfast at Ulu Yam Lama. After breakfast, we stopped at the roadside to eat durians. And later on, we had our fresh coconut drinks. It's so tasty!
Then we went to a temple. The temple was so crowded.
After prayed, we went for our seafoods lunch+dinner beside the temple.
Then, my uncle bought 40 coconuts in the stall and we went back to KL after that.
At night, my sister and I went to dinner with my 2 brothers at Kelana Jaya. My big brother brought us the souveniers he bought in Hong Kong. My present was a cute little bear from Disneyland. Thanks bro!
I didn't back to college on Sunday night because our college got few people get Rubella and I was scared to go back, so stay at my 3rd anut's house until the next day.
There was the 2 busy days of mine.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Exam + Problems...

Today was my Inorganic Exam which is super damn hard.
Yesterday I got did revision one but still can't really know how to do the questions.
Know why? Because yesterday night while I did revision, there was something happened that made me felt guilty. I was really sorry to them. I don't mean to do that. Sorry.....
After this problem, I did revision with Seng Lim in Bilik TV & Bilik Bacaan. But what the most terrible thing that we did when doing revision was chatting. We kept chatting from 8 something to 2 something in the morning. Gosh.....and as the result, my exam was so terrible but he still managed to do. He still can let me to copy his answers. I must salute to him.
Well, this lesson taught me not to chit-chatting while exam is coming soon.:)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Family's Trip

Yesterday, I went to Malacca with family and aunt and uncle from KL.
We went to Jonker Walk but it seems to be a wrong choice because it was so crowded!
When we walked there, we can't even shop because we need to walked faster so that we can away from the crowd.
We had our dinner at the Chicken Rice which is so famous in Malacca but I regretted to had it.
It taste badly man! The chicken was so so soft and the Asam Fish was cold. It costed us for RM160+ for 7pax.
After dinner, we walked for a while and headed off back to home and my aunt and uncle went back to KL.
I loved to spend my times with my lovely family eventhough it was just a lillte of time. But I still enjoy the time.