Saturday, December 26, 2009

Life 1

Today I supposed to be in KL already one but due to my not-willing-to-back-so-early, I decided to back myself by train on tomorrow. I have no reason why I don't have the feel to go back to the boring and stressful's life. But anyway, I still need to go back tomorrow. I loved to be at home, to be sleep on my bed, to eat my dad's homemade dishes.
I don't know why recently I become such a sentimental person. I just wish to stay at my home sweet home forever but I know it is impossible because as we grow, we will fly. Fly to our dreams, fly to the destination we want. So, tomorrow, I'll need to fly to somewhere to achieve my dreams.
I heard different comments about life from my friends. Some said life doesn't mean to study hard and get a first class certificate and get a job. But some said study is not that important but at least get a CGPA 3.0 is more than enough because to get an ideal job, working experience is more important than those academic's result. I totally agreed with no doubt.
I think I have to stop here. I have to set back my mind to study mode and get back to the boring's life again.

Friday, December 25, 2009

My fav activity♥

Yesterday was fun!
Reunion with 2 groups of friends. It was so enjoyable for me. I love to gather with old schoolmates.

11 something in the morning, WyeLyng, Xin Hui, See and me went to sing karaoke at Jusco and watched Sherlock Holmes at 1.35pm and finally stopped at Old Town to have a tea-time and gossiping. We chatted alot until 6 something in the evening. I just like such kind of life that can sit down and relax with friends without any stress. 4 of us didn't meet for quite a long period but luckily, we still manage to chat alots of things.

After ended up the gathering, I joint another group of friends to have Christmas's Eve dinner at Kemayan Square. At first we planned to go Malacca but not succeed because we have no transport. So we just have a simple dinner with Satay Celup which is a Malacca's food. Although we can't go Malacca to celebrate our Eve, but at least we had our Malacca's food.=)
Around 9.30pm, we just headed off back to own house because I can't back at late night.=(. But it's okay because I managed to meet all of them in my last few days of holiday before going back to uni.

I was so satisfied with yesterday meeting and hope to have another very soon.♥

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The lost me!

I'm lost!
Recently, there are too many things happened until I do not have time to take a breath. Mad people came to find my problems. Because of that mad gal, I was involve in a so-called WAR. I felt that it was very ridiculuos and totally a bull shit. I don't know the gal is it that abnormal since past. But what I know is she really mad! She messed-up my last week of holiday, my sweet and relax holiday. I hate her very much, very much! Nevertheless, I need to thank her because of her appearance, I learnt something. Something that I feel it is very useful in my future life. Thanks, mad gal!
Today is the peaceful day for me. So far, nothing happened! Everything comes to the end? I hope so and that is my wish for now. Mad gal, please leave me, okay? You are not welcome in my life for now and forever.
Now and then, I will live happily because I know that there are many people who support me and love me.

p/s: Don't worry me because I'm really okay now. No sadness anymore. So do you,okay?

You know you love me.♥

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why things seems become more and more complicated?I do not have strength to face it anymore. I am very tired. Please, please get lost from my life. Don't appear in my life once again.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What the hell!!!!!Suddenly let people scold me by using rude words!!!!Shit!!!I didn't let people scold like that before one.She think who the hell is she!!!Fuck her!!!!!Arghhhhhhhhh.....I want to slap her now.Shit!!!!!She is crazy fucker.She needs to go psycology to check for her mental problem.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

我爱他 - 叮当

他的镜框留在 某一节车厢
地下铁里的风 比回忆还重

对他唯一(如果还有)遗憾 是分手那天
我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来
若那一刻重来 我不哭

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
曾为他 相信明天就是未来
情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
我的心 深深伤过却不会忘
我和他 不再属于这个地方
最初的天堂 最重的荒唐

如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢
伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
逃不开 爱越深越互相伤害
越深的依赖 越多的空白
我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
曾为他 相信明天就是未来
情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
我的心 深深伤过却不会忘
我和他 不再属于这个地方
最初的天堂 最重的荒唐

如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢
伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗
我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来
若那一刻重来 我不哭

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday I had my gathering with my lovely friends although just 4 of them. But I do love them because when I was upset past few days, they asked me out for gathering although they don't know about my sadness. I love gathering with friends, I love it very much. Friends are so meaningful to me. I don't want to explain so much about yesterday gathering because I think "A picture worth a thousand words."

From last time above 100 messages to now almost 50 messages, what is this imply?
Busy???Boring???Or changing????Whatever....anything not important!!!
Jealousy is very very scary............
Miss Jealousy can you go away???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


热恋期是有多长呢??因人而异吧。有的是3个月,有的是1年 ,有的是10年,也有的真的是永远。 不过,有多少的是这样呢??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Commit suicide???

Commit suicide cases increase doubly since year 2005 in Malaysia?
Why this will happen? What is the reason?
Stress of studies? Money? Health problem? Or relationship?
Can't deny that in the recent society, all of these are the main factor cause of commit suicide.
People are stress out and they choose to end up their life by commit suicide.
Mayb I am one of them??? lolz....Yes...Maybe because I'm also live in this stressful world.=P


曲:王菀之 词:王菀之

灯光也暗了 音乐低声了
窗外阴天了 人是无聊了
电话响起了 你要说话了
是你变了 是你变了
灯光熄灭了 音乐静止了
天下起雨了 人是不快乐
电话响起了 你要说话了
是你变了 是你变了
灯光熄灭了 音乐静止了
天下起雨了 人是不快乐


Monday, December 7, 2009

Team Medical Dragon - Rate: 5 stars

Team Medical Dragon is a very nice Japanese's drama. I love it very much since the first time I watched it on tv. But I just managed to watch few episodes only and I find for this drama for quite a long time already.
Finally, I watched the 2 series of drama completely. I am so happy.
This drama taught me alot about medical matters especially the most important organ in our body- The Heart. I wish I am the doctor- Asada sensei. He is so cool and he is God in the drama. He saves human life without giving up. He can change 0.01% to become 100%. Those operations who people think it is impossible but he could make it finally. This is unbelieveable. I wonder in this reality materialistic world, is there any doctor like Asada sensei will save human life without concern about money??? I am wondering....^^

Saturday, December 5, 2009



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Update

This blog has been neglected by me for quite a long time due to some reasons.
Since now is my holiday, I'm free to update it.
Passed few days I was busy and headache with my registration courses for next semester. I would like to say that my Uni's IT system was suck especially my department. All the courses we planned to register are fulled. The problems make all of us panic and don't know what to do except keep on call the incharge party to settle for it. You know what..they took 3 days to settle the problem. I mentioned PROBLEM not PROBLEMS!!!!They just settle 1 course but there are many courses that have problem but they don't fix it. How pityful are we!!!!!
All of us are really unsatisfied with their attitude and their working performances are so insufficient. I don't know how they can survive until now in this world.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long time didn't update my blog already.
Today my mood quite bad....
Really no mood at all....
I don't like the feeling now...
What to do???I still need to accept this type of feeling.....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Money is really a main cause for human to be quarrel about.

We better do not involve money's problem with people.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick Update!!!

It's been ages I didn't update my blog.
I'm quite lazy recently due to my 7 weeks of lab and early morning's classes.
Today since I am so free, then just update a short post.

I was sick since Friday. Fever and flu. H1N1? Touch wood....
Today not really recover yet. Still having flu but I guessed fever is off.
Recently in my uni, there are many people who sick. Coughing around, sneezing around. All the bacterial moving around in the lecture hall. So, my immune system cant fight with those bacterial and ended up with sick.

All my friends are working at PC Fair Maxis Broadband. Today is the last day for them. I also have work at first but since my parents don't allow me to work, so I didn't work. I think 5 of them were really tired because need to stand from 11am until 9pm something. But worth also because they can earn pocket money. RM80 per day for basic and commision is extra pay. Good luck guys. Fight for the last day!!!

I think is enough for me to update today. I feel sleepy cause of flu. Gonna sleep already. Bye!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009




Sorry no cure?

How you all feel when someone you love or important to you tell you this when you sincerely apologize to them?

For me, if is someone not so important say to me, I'll think it is not a big deal but if someone important to me tell me this, I'll hurt.

Maybe it's really sorry no cure because there is no turning back after you done something wrong.

So, sorry is meaningless for me, I guessed.

Thursday, May 21, 2009



学会 沉默


至少 平静


这会是我意外的收获 和别人发生意见上的纷歧,甚造成言语上的冲突,所以你闷闷不乐,因为你觉得都是别人恶意。别再耿耿于怀了,回家去擦地板吧。拎一块抹布,弯下腰,双膝着地,把你面前这张地板的每个角落来回擦拭干净。然后重新省思自己在那场冲突,所说过的每一句话。现在,你发现自己其实也有不对的地方了,是不是?你渐渐心平气和了,是不是?有时候你必须学习弯腰,因为这个动作可以让你谦卑。劳动身体的同时,你也擦亮了自己的心绪。而且,你还拥有了一张光洁的地板呢。这是你的第二个收获。


不要想 如果 当初


不管成功与否 至少曾经美丽 漫步林间,你看见一株藤蔓附着树干,柔软与坚实相互交缠,你感动于这静美的一幕。让幸福与归属就此驻足吧。你想。不知未来会有怎样一番风雨摧折?也许藤将断、树会倒,也许天会荒,地将老。你又想。那么,请时光停格在此刻吧。停格即是永恒。永恒里若有这静美的一刻,未来可能遭遇的种种劫难,便已得到了安慰与报偿。






控制情绪 别浪费了~


抓住最好的时机 绝不错过


Why when you are really care for someone, you will really care what he/she said?

Speechless now....

My holiday is so so so boring. I wanna die!!!!! Die caused of boring!!!! Arhggg....

Friday, May 15, 2009












Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mommy and mommies around the world.

Wish my mom healthy always and happy forever!!!
I love you, mom.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finally finished all my 2nd semester for 1st year.
This sem is a tough sem but I guessed next sem onwards will be more and more tough.

After exam, is time for me to release all my stresses.
I went out with Yen Nee and Yeong Siang straight after my last paper finised. We went to Sg. Wang to shop and look for Yen Nee's brother and mum. We went to shop until 5pm and then Yen Nee's brother fetch us back to college.
The next day, went out with Hong Chiun and Yeong Siang. Watched The Friday 13th and had our dinner at The Mahanthan Fish Market.

The other day went to Genting Highlands with Yen San, Yeong Siang, Jie Ying, Hong Chiun & Kar Hooi.
Headed off from college at 7.30am and went to Terminal Putra to buy tickets.
Arrived Genting at 11 something and let pictures do the talking.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love someone that is impossbile for you is it suffer?

Love someone that he/she already has another partner is it that suffer?
Love him/her, but can't let them know.
Keep inside the heart.
Cry alone, sad alone. Is this worth it to do that?
One of my friend is facing this problem now.
She likes someone she can't likes.
The guy has GF already.
He is not that good actually. He treat everyone also the same.
He believes that there is no any gap between guys and gals.
So he treat you like this just because he made you as friend!!!!! He cares you just because you are one of his friend.
He already has GF!!!!! You should wake up from your fairy tale's dream.
He is not worth for you, I guessed so.
Your emotions now have control by him.
Today you told me that you very sad because he didn't reply your message and tomorrow you said you were very happy because he replied you.
I gonna faint with all of these rubbish.
You are such a fool. You fooled by yourself and by him. You better WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!
Many people already knew that he got GF and many people also told you about this. But you still wanna wait some miracle to happen.
Yes, maybe someday the miracle would happen but when?
When the time he and his GF break??
Don't wait for his letter or sms.
Don't sad for him anymore.
You still young and still got many choices out there waiting for you.

Friday, March 13, 2009






Thursday, March 12, 2009


Why? Why? Why?
I don't wish to be like this.
I don't like the situation now.
I don't like the present me.
I'm sorry to you, dear.
Am I hurt you so deep?
If yes, very sorry...
I don't want to be like this.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MAK Night 2009

Malam Anugerah Kurshiah (MAK) Night 2009
Fasa 1
Theme: Traditional Night
Date: 13th Feb 2009
Venue: 3rd Residential College

Let's photos do the talking.

Indian Ning Shing

Fasa 2
Theme: Glamour and Exclusive
Date: 27th Feb 2009
Venue: The Summit Hotel, USJ Subang

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

200th's Post

This is my 200th's post.
What am I going to write about this post?Hmmm....
Let's talk about my this whole week's feelings and moods.

This whole week I was in the mixture of moods. Happy, sad, heart break..
I think I am a failure. A such big failure in human relationship.
I also don't know how to express myself in words.
Nobody can't understood me.
All things happened at once.
Whatever....! I just hope all will be alright in the coming weeks.

Just want to tell you my dear(you know who you are), I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. muacckksss...
This post just special dedicated to you....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today just get a news from my sister about my 3rd aunty admitted into hospital today because of her appendix get infection.

Why so many things happened all together?

My grandpa just passed away and now my 3rd aunty is at hospital.

Grandpa, please protect your daughter and let her get well soon.

Grandpa, please pray for your sons, daughters, daughter-in-laws, son-in-laws and grandchildren.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The 7th day

Today is the 7th day that my grandpa has leave me.

He is not around anymore.

7 days without his breathe, voices, smiles, and his everything.

After 7 weeks, 7 months, 7 years and later, do I still miss him like how I miss him now?

But what I know is I won't forget him. Once I start to forget his look, I'll look back to the pictures that he took with us. I will remind myself not to forget him forever. Yes, I will.

I miss you.............................and love you...........................

Ning Shing

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

遗憾 (From cousin's blog)

原来我很少很少和我的公公拍过照,有些的遗憾...为什么公公还健在的时候,我没好好地帮公公拍过一张最完美的照片...直到那天,我才发现,但也太迟了,也无法再挽回了...最近的一张,只是拍到公公的背影而已...为什么总是在失去时,才懂的珍惜,才去后悔,我该要怎样才能挽回? 今天是公公离开我们的第四天,今晚是最后一晚,我们再也无法再见公公的一面了…为什么公公还在的时候,我没多点的回来看他,一个星期才回来一次,以前更加离谱,一个月才回来一两次而已….

还记得,公公在我小时候很喜欢帮我们按花名,好怀念公公叫我’ 老文头’(海陆风话)…今天的我在也不能听的到了, 好久好久没有和公公讲过话了,他的声音,我害怕忘记,失去了公公的声音,我该去那里寻回? 没有公公,就没有我爸爸,就没有我,公公的一生就只是在忙碌着,都没有享到福就离开了我们…去年的12月,公公突然的进了医院,直到今年他的病情也没有起色,原本今年的除夕,请别人在医院看管公公的,但想到过年,应该接公公一起过…在年除3那天,公公静静的离开我们….在他离开的时候,我们没有在他的身边….为什么公公走的时候,也不让我们在他的身边?

昨天,我的堂妹告诉我公公身前的习惯,这些是我以前都没有发觉到的…他喜欢做的事,他每天都会做的事…原来我都不了解我自己的公公,在我的印象中,公公他每天都微笑的,thn…每次去新村是,他都是在忙碌的做东西 ’砍材’ , ’砍竹遮’ ,’攪猪肉’…..

好怀念一句 ’ 公…sit fan lo…..’(吃饭咯…) ….’ 公…yim han cha lo….’ 以后再也没的叫了…..



Post that I copied from my cousin's blog because he wrote out my feelings.


今天我才知道原来,公公会骂人的,公公生气的时候会说‘吊’的,我现在才知道,也没听过...公公这个人蛮有些固执的,有性格gua...公公吃苹果是用汤匙挖苹果肉吃的...公公按自己的花名叫‘老铁锤’...公公喜欢看手表的,连洗碗都带着手表...公公喜欢用707肥皂冲凉...公公去冲凉前一定换上他的白色背心,蓝色短裤去冲凉,出来后穿上同一件白色背心,蓝色短裤的...公公的宠物‘miao miao kucing' 也是公公按给它的名字...公公是在马来西亚出世的...



Monday, February 2, 2009

My grandpa's funeral just settled down.

When we sent him to his 'new house', I felt quite sad because he needs to be there alone from now on. We are not besides him. We can't take care of his daily life. We can't spend our times with him by bring him goes to play.

I can't see him anymore when I go to my grandmom's house. I can't hear his voice, his laughing, his nagging and everything.

Where are you, ahgung? Do you enjoy your new life now? Can you adapt to the new life there?

I miss my grandpa.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My grandfather was passed away yesterday.

He passed away with sickness. Why he needs to suffer? He was so nice when he still alive.

He loves to chatting with all his grandchildren.

He is a best grandfather to me.

I LOVE HIM very much.

I hope he has a brand new life in the heaven.

Ah Gung, rest in peace. I'll miss you always and love you forever.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Chinese New Year supposed to be a happy festival, right?
But don't know why this year I didn't feel so happy like last time.
Maybe because my grandpa still in unconscious condition althought he had discharged from hospital and back to home.
Today, when I went to grandmom's house, I heard my granny said this evening grandpa looked quite suffer. I know granny was so worried about grandpa. She worried until didn't eat dinner.
My dad also worried for my grandpa. He stay at my granny's house today to take care of my grandpa even though he is sick now.
Please GOD, please give strength to my grandpa, granny and my dad. Give my grandpa power to live. Give power to my granny and my dad to take care of my grandpa.

*Gong, you must be tough, okay? I'll be here to pray for you. Don't worry ya.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year, my friends!

Ning Shing here to wish you guys have a Prosperous New Year!

My New Year's wishes are as below:
1. My parents stay healthy always.
2. My grandpa get well soon.
3. My sister and brothers earn more and more. Lolz...So that can give me more money. :P
4. My studies will become better.
5. My friends stay pretty and handsome always.

From outside view.

Inside the living room.

"FU" made by "Mei Hua"

New Year, New Hope, New Vision.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was the last day we gathered before all go back to hometown for celebration of Chinese New Year. Yen San suggested that we don't want to sleep for the whole night.

So, we went to Sahur for supper at 10p.m. and chatted for 1 hour, I guessed.
Then later on Yen San suggested to play badminton. So, Hong Chiun, Yee On, Yen San & I went to play badminton behind Block E at 11 something. We played for few hours until 3 something in the morning. We were so crazy to play badminton and basketball in the midnight.

After some exercises, we stopped and sat down for some chit-chat. We chatted about our future, our studies and etc. We chatted until 4 something to 5a.m. and Yen San( the one who suggested not-to-sleep) was tired and sleepy. So we ended up our not-to-sleep's gathering.

Went back to room and took bath because we were so smelly after exercise. First time bath at 5 in the morning. The crazy thing never end. After bath, I told Yen San that my panda eyes were out and you know what? She invited me to do facial. Hahaha...we actually wanted to do it early one but can't find a suitable time. So we did it yesterday (supposed is today morning).

After facial session, Yen San lyed on her bed and I was watching The Gem of Life since I didn't feel sleepy yet. I fall asleep at 7a.m. and woke up at 8a.m. due to my stomach pain. Isshhh....

The whole day I was so so so tired and sleepy. At afternoon around 3p.m. today, Doreen and I took KTM back to Seremban and Doreen straight went back to Malacca after arrived Seremban. The KTM was so so so jam. I became sandwich and I can't breathe. What even worst is Doreen and I need to stand for 1 hour + because we don't have any seats. I wanna die.

The Seremban's streets all jammed and I arrived home at 7 something and slept for half hour.

The end of my day!

I Miss my friends in UM and YOU very much.

Ning Shing

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reunion Dinner @ 16.01.2009

Date & Time : 16.01.2009 @ 1800
Venue : Seoul Garden, Kerinchi
Attendent : Yen Nee, Yen San, Yeong Siang, Doreen, Ning Shing, Hong Chiun, Kar Hooi and Seng Lim.
Theme: Black & White

We 8 peoples have our reunion dinner before Chinese New Year has come. We arrived at Kerinchi station around 7pm. Below is those pictures we took. Let's the picture do some talking.

In the beginning,
we throw all things inside because we were too hungry.

Dear Yen Nee & I
Doreen & Kar Hooi.
A small family from a big family. Lolz.
Yeong Siang & Kar Hooi.
Doreen was shocked when Seng Lim wanna hug her. Hahah
The "drama" started.
Doreen as Hong Chiun's wife and Yen Nee as Hong Chiun's girlfriend and I don't know what is Yen San's character.Lolz..
All of them get shocked.
The Chemistry's group pictures.
Oh!!! Kar Hooi, what happened to your hand? :P
My hair !!!! Naughty Seng Lim & Yeong Siang
A happy family.

The BLACK's group.
The WHITE's group.

Yen San (My Lovely Roommate) & I.

Hong Chiun, Doreen, Ning Shing and Yen Nee.

The Girls.

Hugged by Doreen.:=)
Hong Chiun & Dear.
Yen San, Yeong Siang and Kar Hooi.
Yen San & Yeong Siang.
Kar Hooi & Seng Lim.
Hong Chiun & Doreen

The end,

And our Group Picture. We are a HAPPY FAMILY.

Almost 10.30pm, we leave and planned to back to college. Doreen suggested to go to KLCC but due to time factor, she changed her plan to take the LRT from Kerinchi station until the last station(Kelana Jaya Station). We all agreed with her because we all were crazy! But when reached University Station, Yeong Siang and Yen San said wanted to go back to college. 5 of us still struggling want to go back or not. And finally, Yen Nee & I ran out from the LRT and followed by Hong Chiun and Kar Hooi. Who is missing??? Oh ya...our funny queen, Doreen was still inside the LRT because when she wanna run out, the door was closed. But luckily, Kar Hooi, the "Hero" used his hand to block the door from closing and opened up the door. And of course Doreen was saved by him. Lolz...
Our craziest things haven't finished yet. We walked back to college from Station University because we thought don't have RapidKL anymore. We used half an hour to walk back. Seriously, I don't think is far when we walked together with friends and at night. If walk alone and at afternoon, I think I'll faint. Along the way back to college, we sang, we chatted. It's really fun.
After arrived college, we didn't back to our room immediately but we went to the basketball court behind guy's block to play "Truth or Dare" at 12 in the midnight. Are we crazy? Yes! I think we are. We total 7 persons played this game. We played until 1am and Yeong Siang and Kar Hooi wanted to sleep, so they leave. But 5 of us that is Ning Shing, Yen Nee, Yen San, Doreen and the only guy Hong Chiun still at there chit-chat. We talked alot of things. We shared our experience but mostly the story teller was Hong Chiun. We chatted until 2 something in the morning.
I was so so so so happy to have this sweet+crazy moment with them. They bring alot of joys to me. I love them very very much seriously. It's from my deep heart. Muaaaaahhhhssssss

Lots of love,
Ning Shing