Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Day

It's always raining recently.
This is just same as my mood now.
It is just glooming.
I don't like this type of feeling.
I hate it. It make me feel uncomfortable.
I want sunny day. I want a happy life with all my beloved family and friends.
I don't want rainy day.
God, please give back the sunny day to me.
God, please give back the happy life to me.
Please please.... I want them back to me.
I want everything is alright on her.
I want her get away from all the suffers and get well soon.
Please God...pleaseeee............I pleased YOU!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I very very sad now. Why should her suffer from so many things? Is she bad? She is very good. She is a good mother and daughter also. But why is her?
God!!! Please listen to my prays. I did pray everyday for them. Please....Please listen to me, God! Please help her get away from all those stupid suffers. Please protect her. She is a good person. It is unfair for her to suffer like this. It is so so unfair.
Dear God, do YOU listen to my prays? I prayed with all my heart. Please me!
I cried. Yes I did. I cried for her. I cried for her unfairness. But I still pray for her. I know dear God will hear my prays and bless her. Bless her can get away from all the suffers. I know she will escape from all the suffers one by the blessing of God.
God, I lastly beg from YOU. Please bless her.
THANKS for the blessing, God!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new spectacle

This is my new spectacle. This is the first time I bought a half frame's spec. Actually I wanted to buy a full frame's spec one but because at the shop there all frame specs are very big that's not suit my face which is small. It's too bad but nevermind, quite satisfied with this new spec. It's a good news for me that my eye sight power didn't increase. Luckily....

朋 友

我會 想 起 . . 與 你 們 認 識 的 種 種 . .
也會 想 起 .. . 發 生 過 的 點 點 滴 滴 . .
直到 我 們 都 年 老 時 . . 是 否 會 像 現 在 這 樣 . . 坐 在 電 腦 前 互 訴 心 聲 ?
不管 如 何 . . 希 望 我 們 永 遠 是 真 誠 相 對 的 朋 友 ( 知 己 ) . ..
朋 友 就 是 喜 歡 你
也 了 解 你 的 人
因 為 你 我 有 緣 份 , 才 能 成 為 朋 友可 以 成 為 知 己 的 , 更 難 得 !
時 間 未 必 O 你 我 成 為 知 己 的 原 因
但 一 定 可 以 証 明 到 你 對 朋 友 的 關 懷 不 是 白 費 !

朋 友 , 是 你 高 興 時 想 跟 他 分 享 的 ,
朋 友 , 是 你 不 高 興 時 可 以 給 你 發 脾 氣 的 ,
朋 友 , 也 是 在 你 沒 錢 開 飯 時 打 救 你 的 ,
朋 友 , 你 悶 得 發 荒 時 可 以 跟 你 一 同 發 荒 的 ,
朋 友 , 會 甘 願 給 功 課 你 抄 , 跟 你 一 同 出 貓 一 同 被 人 罰 的 ,
朋 友 , 也 是 你 買 手 信 時 , 想 買 一 份 大 的 給 他 的,
朋 友 , 也 是 你 看 見 他 上 線 時 , 想 給 他 ' 喔 噢 ' !

想 要 體 會 「 一 年 」 有 多 少 價 值 , 你 可 以 去 問 一 個 失 敗 重 修 的 學 生 。
想 要 體 會 「 一 月 」 有 多 少 價 值 , 你 可 以 去 問 一 個 不 幸 早 產 的 母 親 。
想 要 體 會 「 一 週 」 有 多 少 價 值 , 你 可 以 去 問 一 個 定 期 週 刊 的 編 輯 。
想 要 體 會 「 一 小 時 」 有 多 少 價 值 , 你 可 以 去 問 一 對 等 待 相 聚 的 戀 人 。
想 要 體 會 「 一 分 鐘 」 有 多 少 價 值 , 你 可 以 去 問 一 個 錯 過 火 車 的 旅 人 。
想 要 體 會 「 一 秒 鐘 」 有 多 少 價 值 , 你 可 以 去 問 一 個 死 裡 逃 生 的 幸 運 兒 。
想 要 體 會 「 一 毫 秒 」 有 多 少 價 值 , 你 可 以 去 問 一 個 錯 失 金 牌 的 運 動 員 。

你 能 夠 看 到 它 是 你 與 他 的 緣 份
你 能 夠 和 你 身 邊 的 人 做 朋 友 也 是 你 與 他 的 緣 份
縱 使 你 不 知 道 這 夥 流 星 會 何 時 消 失
但 如 若 你 好 好 珍 惜 看 到 這 流 星 的 每 一 刻
那 就 算 流 星 走 了 你 也 不 會 後 悔
請 大 家 好 好 珍 惜 身 邊 的 每 一 個 人珍 惜 這 段 友 誼 !
建 立 友 誼 如 像 種 樹 , 因 為 友 誼 是 一 株 樹
( T R E E ) :
T : T r u s t ( 信 任 )
R : R e s p e c t ( 尊 重 )
E : E x c h a n g e ( 交 流 )
E : E m o t i o n a l S u p p o r t ( 精 神 支 持 ) ----

好 朋 友 守 則 ----
朋 友 就 是 無 形 中 伴 你 走 過 風 雨 , 永 遠 支 持 你 的 力 量
朋 友 就 是 一 種 無 法 言 喻 的 美 好 感 覺
朋 友 就 是 在 別 人 面 前 永 遠 護 著 你 的 那 個 人
朋 友 就 是 即 使 是 一 點 小 感 動 , 一 點 小 事 情 都 想 一 起 分 享
朋 友 就 是 當 你 抱 頭 痛 哭 的 時 候 , 扶 著 你 肩 膀 的 那 個 人
朋 友 就 是 當 你 面 對 人 生 挫 折 時 , 一 直 緊 握 你 的 那 雙 手

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Days of mine

This 2 days of mine were busy day.
I went to Malacca with my parents and dad's friend and family.

The kids were on the way to Malacca.

We went there around 1 something and arrive there almost 3p.m..
We first went to the Malacca Town.

Trishaw in Malacca.

Mom with trishaw.

Wait for some of them who sat the trishaw. Omg! It's really expensive.
Just 1 round of the buliding charged us RM10 per trishaw.
And I saw the notice wrote 1 hour charge RM40. Damn expensive.
Then we went to the Newton food court to settle our lunch. The lunch was so so only and the normal chicken rice costed me RM6.50. The rice was so little. Not enough for me also.

Newton food court.

I didn't manage to sit this tower.:(

The colourful toilet in Dataran Pahlawan.

Later we went for shopping at Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade and at night, we went to Jusco. So regret not going to Jonker Walk. But nevermind, I'll go next time with my friends.:)
I bought many shirts at there. I almost want to bankrupt already. Shit!
We headed off back to Seremban at 9something.

The next day, today, I went to meet up with Yoon Wang, Lin Siew and Hwei Nee in the morning and we chit-chat for few hours in McD. Actually we planned to do revision for our coming exam but the result was we chatting there. Lolz.....I do enjoyed the times with them.
At night, I went out with Hwei Nee and Mei Yen also. We went to Pasar Malam at Blossom Height there. I'd buy alot of foods to eat. Fatty me!!! Love to spend time with them too.

That's the 2 days of mine. 2 days were gone and I still didn't do any revision yet. I can die for my coming exams.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Badminton Singles Men Final in Olympic 2008


The glory not on him anymore.

Lee Choong Wei oh Lee Choong Wei.... What happen to you?
He didn't perform well in this singles men final.
Because of stress...?
I felt sleepy to watch the game.
He played really terrible in the game.
Lin Dan found his weakness and he still wanted to continue his styles of playing.
21-12 and 21-7 is it the nice points for the 1st and 2nd player in the world ranking should have?
I guessed it is better for Lee Hyun Il to enter the final and it should be a nice game to watch.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Badminton Men's Singles Bronze Medal Game

Lee Hyun II lose his bronze medal game in China Olympic 2008.
But nevermind, Lee Hyun II still played a well game.
He was really steady in the game and his defences were best enough!
For me, Lee Hyun Il is the best and he should deserved to won this medal.'s okay. Be ready for the next competition and win all of them.
I'll support you, Lee Hyun Il. You rocks!!!

My week....

Monday went to SS2 pasar malam with my friends. This is the first time I went out with them at night. So enjoyable but had something bad happened when we wanted to back to college. Anyway, hope all these problems will not happen again.

And the following 3 days just as normal as usual. And Thursday, we went to Mid Valley to watch movie. At first planned to watch 21 but all of them wanted to watch ghost movie since that day was 14th July for Chinese, Ghost Day. So we just watched 4Bia by Thailand production. The movie contains 4 stories. The first story really made us bored like hell. The whole story didn't speak any words but just sms-ed only. All of us almost fall asleep. But luckily the following 3 stories is quite okay and got some parts really scared me. 2 of my friends so chicken-hearted, they not dare to watch those scary part. So funny to see them so scared. Lolz...
After the movie, we went to Bowling again. 1 of my friend who don't really know how to play Bowling also can get 2nd place amongst us. Shame on us who know abit how to play.

Later, we went to Pizza Hut for our dinner at 5 something because 1 of my friend again scared to back college so late cause that day was Ghost Day. So we just had our dinner so early and then back to college at 6 something. And I finally bought Big Apple Donuts to eat since the first time I went to Mid Valley with them, I can't found Big Apple Donuts. Yummy~~~

Arrived in college at 7p.m. and we went to play badminton. So energetic, right? Yeah, a guy wanted to be tired enough so that at night, he can sleep deeply because he had to sleep alone since his roommates all back.

At 8p.m., our CCC got meeting. This is the first time I so obedient to go meeting. What so boring in the meeting was they played "New Friend Found" that I used to play since Form 1. God! Then they played other games that I thought was so childish. But anyway, quite fun to get to know some new friends also.

My Thursday was so busy and fulled with activities. This was the most busy day for me after the orientation week. Lolz.....

The "GAY"....

The "SWEET COUPLE"...Guy from Penang.lolz

Dear Yen Nee & I.

Seng Lim & I.

Another couple?

The girl from Segamat, Johor. She is so shame.

Good Papa's back.

The good Papa from Penang. Good right?

The guy from Penang too.

The little girl from Miri, Sarawak.

My roommate from Malacca.

My Friday was superb boring because all my friends were back to hometown since holiday was started.

That's the week of mine.

Wish all my old & new friends who has holiday, HAPPY HOLIDAY & do enjoy the holiday!

Ning Shing

Sunday, August 10, 2008











, 是一种感情


, 是一种感觉


, 没有休止


一个人, 特别坦然


一个人, 有时候怕和他在一起


一个人, 不停的为他付出


一个人, 希望可以随时找到他


一个人, 总是为他而哭

, 是值得


爱就是爱, 很复杂


你, 就一定很喜欢





Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday was my sister's convocation in UM. After my class, I went to DTC and met my family there. I had seen alots of people graduated there. It's so crowded! Hopefully, 3 years later is my convocation at there. We presented a dozen of roses and a pair of CJ7 to my sister as her convo's present and her friends gave her a dozen of small bear bear. It's so cute. Upload the photos later.



Sis & I.

1 dozen of roses.

CJ 7

15 cute little bears.

CJ 7 & I.

Yeong Siang(coursemate) & I & half CJ.

3rd aunt & family with sis.

Today, I skipped my class and went for an interview for scholarship in Ipoh. So nervous when arrived the company. But luckily, I still can answered and communicated with all the judges. I already tried my very best. What can I do now is waiting for the result. Hope can get the scholarship!

Later, we went to the town and eat Ipoh Taugeh Chicken. It's quite nice. Later, went to the biscuit shop and bought alots of biscuits. Some for aunt and some for my coursemates.

And now....have to watch Open Ceremony of China Olympic 2008.

Engineering faculty which has many smart people!

Good night!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Yesterday went to Time Sqaure with coursemates to buy my formal shirt. We planned to watch Kungfu Hip-hop but then the GSC there didn't show this movie. Disappointed! I and Yen Nee want to go back first. But, the lousy me brought Yen Nee entered a wrong Monorail. We actually have to go to Platform B but then we went to Platform A which need to wait the Monorail to go to the end of the station and return back one. So shameful. Then we asked people for helped and then we leave the Monorail and change to Platform B and returned to KL Central. Arrived college around 6p.m..

Today, went to Ikea, The Curve, and Ikano with sister. I bought a pants and a belt. Quite satisfied with the shopping but I wasted my time not to do my reports and tutorial homework. Sweat! Have to do it tonight and maybe until midnight. Poor!!