Friday, October 31, 2008

For you...

This is especially dedicated to my beloved dear.
Dear, don't be too sad anymore.
After I read your blog, I can understood your feelings. I really do.
That kind of feelings are very bad. It seems like we are very very tiny and can't do anything.
We just can sit there and cry. And what can we do anymore is to pray. We pray for them to rest in peace.
And yes, we should appreciate what we have now. We have to give more cares to those who still with us. We should spend more times with them if we got the chances.
I hope you can be tough and don't feel upset anymore.
If you need someone to be there for you, call me. I'll be your side whenever you need me.
I really hope you can get well soon.
And please send my condolence to your family.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yen Nee followed me back to Seremban on Friday evening. This is the first time I have to take so many bags backed to Seremban by KTM. It was so suffering. We damn tired and our hands almost break.
After arrived Seremban KTM station, dad asked me to walk to Bazaar there to meet him. OMG!!! It is actually a quite short distance but that day, I guessed it was a long long distance.
I felt quite bad for Yen Nee because she told me her hand got broke before. Then she need to carry a heavy bag to follow me walked to Bazaar. SOrry dear...made you suffered!
When I bathed, I saw my shoulder aslo blackish already. Poor me! My whole body pained for the next few days.
Is it a good experience for me and Yen Nee? Is this experience tell us that we can't be so relax everytime? We must get some sufferness before happinese? I think so....

Friday, October 24, 2008

The last girl's outing for this sem.

Last night, Doreen, Yen Nee, Yen San & I went out for our probably last outing in this semester.

We 4 persons actually wanted to go to Seoul Garden to have our dinner but we couldn't make it because we don't know where to stop. So we just changed our dinner place to Mid Valley (our usual place for outings...).

All of us were too hungry until we can't decided what to eat. So we went to Kim Gary to get our dinner. We needed to wait for almost 20minutes just get our dinner. Omg!! We're very hungry already but need to wait. What to do!!?!? When our dinner sent to us, we ate until lazy to talk. Everyone was fulled especially Doreen. She ate quite alots compared to us. Lol...(Doreen, don't scold me after read, ya??Haha..)
2 playful roommates.
Doreen asked me to captured the chesse.
My dinner set.
Doreen was busying eating.
After the dinner...

Then, we went to shop since every time we went out, we can't really shopping like yesterday. We went to try on some dinner wears for our next year's college's dinner. We tried alot of dresses and of course, if Yen Nee & Doreen (the 2 roommate) were there, they can made alot of noises. Lol...But I like to listen for their laughness because they can make us become happy too. After we tried, Doreen & I just realised that we both need to exercise to keep fit. And I need to do something on my body too (3 of them know what is that!).lol...

Myself with the dress.

Sexy Doreen.

Yen San...

After did some stupid things for almost 1 hour, we went to buy some desserts to eat (I'm getting fatter)- Durian Pancake! It is so delicious. I ate 3. Yummy!!!
We went back to college at 9.30p.m. because Doreen & I got meeting at 10p.m. for PTH.

Yen Nee & I camwhore while waiting for taxi.

Our meeting ended at 11p.m. and 4 of us continue to play mahjong in Doreen & Yen Nee's room. We played until 1 something in the midnight. It's quite fun and it seems like we had finished our final exam but in fact, we haven't start any papers yet. This 4 gals are really crazy! But I do love them.

4 "legs" for mahjong...

All so serious...

My stress, sweaty, nervous's roommate while playing mahjong with us. Lolz..

Doreen with her cute pose.

That's my last gathering with them for this semester. After this, I have to study for my final and having my holiday later. I can't meet them for almost 1 and a half month. I guessed I'm going to miss them alot. :)

Hey friends, here I wish you guys GOOD LUCK in your final and GAMBATEH!


Love & Friendship

What would you do if every time you fell in love with someone you had to say good-bye?
What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would never be there?
What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness?
What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt?
What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else and you could never have them?
Some people live and some people die.
But I want to tell you I love you and you are a true friend...
That I will always be here for you when and if you need me...
If I died tomorrow, you would be in my heart forever.
Would I be in yours?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Every Friday, usually we always go out to have activities one. And this Friday not excluded. Actually we planned to sing k but because the exam coming soon and Hong Chiun & Kar Hooi- the 2 bookworms wanted to do revision, so we didn't sing k.

Don't think that Yen Nee & I will stay in college for our whole afternoon! Never!

At first, Yen Nee suggested to go to 12th college to have our lunch. So Yen Nee, Seng Lim & I went to bus stop to wait for Shuttle Bus to go to 12th coll straight after our class. But we waited for an hour and can't get 1 Shuttle Bus. So I suggested to take taxi to Jaya One have our lunch and yes, both of them agreed with my suggestion.

So we get a taxi and headed off to Jaya One. The taxi driver is very talkative. Talk non-stop start from we get into the car and get off from the car.

We went to Old Town Cafe for our lunch. Yen Nee & I ordered for Prawn's Mee, Seng Lim ordered something like maggi mee and 3 of us ordered for 3 sets of bread too. We ate alots that day. Then we gossiping in the cafe until 2 something. Seng Lim got alot of gossips to share with us. Lolz...

After that, we had some walk at the Palm Square since we ate alot. Walk after meal is good for keep fit. There got many foods for us to choose. Got Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and etc. All the foods are attracted me. I want to go there again but definitely not this semester because exam coming soon and semester end soon.

Seng Lim - He forced by me to take photo. Lolz..

After that, we went back by bus and I saw a guy who I can't remember that he was from KGV one. He kept looking at me and I couldn't remember where I saw him before but finally I knew it.
We arrived at college at 4p.m. and I didn't revision because too tired and fell aslept.

At night, went to 888 Food Plaza with sister and her friends. Then later went to her friend's house at Seksyen 17 to install something for her laptop until 10 something.

After that, we came back to Seremban and arrived my home sweet home at 11.30p.m.. I was very very tired but it seems that didn't stop me from online. I online chatting with my cousin until 2.30a.m..

And that's my day and I waste 1 day of mine for not do any revision. Die hard man!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Love Story Between a Pig and a Dog.

Did you ever heard about dog & pig's love story? I'm sure you didn't hear about it. And so let me tell you all this story.

On 30/06/2008, 2 girls came from different states were met in 3rd Residential College Room A209. They brought along their cute little pets too. And start from that day, the 2 owners and the 2 pets were became a very good roommate. And recently, the pets are getting married because they are falling in love for each other. And I'm sure that they will stay forever together and same to the 2 owners too.

Here are the process that the Patrick Doggie flirting with the Black Piggie.

At first, the Blackie don't want to bother Patrick. She "jual mahal betul".

Then, she can't stand with Patrick's handsome-ness, so she talks to him.
They progress super fast. Few minutes chatting, the Blackie let the Patrick to kiss her.
They become a very good partner.
Since Patrick is small in size, so Blackie let Patrick sat on her body.
They like to hug together.
And finally, they get married with the attendance of the 2 owners, Ning Shing & Yen Shan. Lolz.

Congrats Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Patrick, stay happily & forever!


Some randomness life with my lovely roommate.
Yen Shan and her blackie pig.
And she with my Patrick Doggie.

And yesterday went to Bilik Bacaan with Yen Nee to do revision. We get used to talk alot in the room but we also could study as well.

Yen Nee & her Basic Math for Chemistry.
My Physical Chemistry .

And last but not least, our snacks while studying.

Boring to have final soon. I haven't really prepared for it yet. Argh....

Cousin's 31st Birthday

Last Sunday was my cousin's birthday. So we went to his house to celebrate for him at KL. Here are the photos...

She ate the 2nd boiled red eggs.
Still eating..

Set up the cake.
The foods.
Cousin and his daughter.

She really ate alots.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Gemini

子也很怕被伤害,很多时候宁愿自己承受一切,也不愿别人抓住自己的把柄。所以久而久之也就养成了习惯。 双子基本上也是个很痛苦的人。表面上总是很有活力,很快乐的样子,可是没人的时候他又总是很忧伤。双子总会被一种莫名的悲伤笼罩。但他不会让别人发现的,他怕被伤害,也怕被别人抛弃,只能自己硬挺着一切。所以双子很神经质,精神脆弱,容易人格分裂,因为承受了太多的东西.

That's my day!

Yen Nee & I went to MidValley to have our lunch since we are sick of the foods in my college.
So we went there staright after my class end at 12.15pm. When we arrived there, we met up with Yen Nee's friends from UPM. Then we had our lunch together in Little Penang Kafe because Yen Nee & I suddenly want to eat Penang Prawn Mee. Lolz...
After ate, Yen Nee & I went to shop for ahwile. It was so boring because we always went to Midvalley, so it doesn't has any special places for us to shop.
Then, we went to buy Secret Recipe and took back to uni as our High Tea.
We went back to attend a Entrepreneurship's talk that held at 3pm but we arrived there at 3.25pm. At first we don't want to attend but at the end still went for it.

My Penang Prawn Mee. Yummy!

Yen Nee dear.

Watches that Yen Nee & I bought at Vinnci.
In the lecture hall...
The talker. Boring mann!
Some sleeping, some reading books.

Sleeping again...

The black shirt's guy shy.

Hong Chiun & I. My face so big.
Kar Hooi, Hong Chiun & I. Cute little Yen Nee & I.
At night in my room, I was so boring. So just took my handphone to capture my lovely roommate.

She is very hardworking.Yen Shan & I.

That's my day!