Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Calculus 1

Yesterday went for the tutorial class for Calculus then only I realized it's really really hard. Expecially those proof question. OMG!!! Abit regret of taking that subject but what to do, can't change it anymore. What can I do now is do more exercises and revise more and more.

Ning Shing

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think this week is abit interesting.
I started my Physical Chemistry Lab and Inorganic Chemistry Lab already. They just similar as our Form 6 syllabus. My first experiment for both are same that is Acid-Base Titration. At first I forgot how to start to do experiment but then I get to refresh my memory. Unfortunately, my Phyical Lab's lecturer was a bitch. She just told us our lab report needs what but she didn't teach us how to calculate those superb complicated calculation. Somemore, she kept saying wants to penalised us if our grammar is bad and if we don't use Arial or Times New Roman size 12, she will minus our marks. Shit! I hate her. Luckily my Inor Lab's lecturer was good!

After my 5 days boring class, I managed to relax myself by going to Mid Valley with my coursemates+collegemates and they were Ah Chiam(from Sarawak), Hong Jun, Shen Lim and Jia Hui(3 of them from Penang). We went to 12th college had our lunch after our class at 12p.m.. Then went to Mid Valley at 2p.m. by taxi. We separated to 2 taxis. RM 4.20 from 12th college to Mid Valley. The price is quite okay.

At first they wanted to watch "The Dark Knight" but then all full house already. So we played bowling at there. I felt good. We did enjoy it. After that, we just had window shopping and then had dinner at 5p.m. at a Non-halal shop because they wanted to eat pork so much. Lolz... Some of them didn't eat pork for 3 weeks though.

We went back to college at 6 something. At first we wanted to take taxi but then there are so many people queue up for taxi, so we just took bus.

At night, I went out with my sister and her friends. They went to Mid Valley also and watched "The Dark Knight" at 11.35p.m. . Oh gosh! I was so sleepy. I woke up at 7a.m. on Friday and didn't rest after that. I slept the very FIRST time in cinema when I watched "The Dark Knight". The movie is not boring but nice. But my stupid sleepy-ness made me while watching while sleeping. What I hate the most is I slept when it came to the end. I can't watched the end of the movie. Too bad!! I must download and watch it again. And guys, you should watch it. The joker is funny! We went back to my aunt's house at 3a.m.. I quite enjoyed that day especially went out with my new friends.

That's the week of mine.
There still have many many weeks for me to live with and next week will have test already. Crazy! BORING without ENTERTAINMENT.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The week of my life

I just started my lectures and felt stress eventhough the lecturers just gave us some introduction about the subjects. I spent the days in my faculty to settle all the studies stuff.
At night, my college had a talk with one of the Secretary of Parlimen. The stupid me went down to Dewan Makan and listened to the talk. Oh gosh! It's really tiring! Many people just slept inside the air-conditional Dewan Makan while the Secretary of Parlimen was giving talk.
After the talk, my room floor had a meeting but because of my tireness and sleepy-ness, I just don't care about the meeting and went to sleep.

Just a boring and normal day with few lectures. At night, I asked my sister came to fetch me to have dinner. I just superb excited because I can leave the college for 1 hour. Although it was just 1 hour, but I felt good!

Same as usual. I got class at 8a.m. but I need to woke up at 7a.m. to prepare myself to class. Before enter uni, I thought those who staying inside the hostel can sleep for late abit. But what I realized is totally different. You know why I need to woke up so early? The reason is if I didn't wake up early and go to class, I can't found a place in few first rows. Many people just went the to lecture earlier and find a seat which is in the front rows and can see the LCD clearly. So as the result, I need to do so. Poor me!!
In the afternoon, I and Chiam went to 12th college to eat our lunch there. It was the 1st chinese meal I had there since the past 2 weeks. The foods there are quite nice and is really cheap. RM 3 for 2 veges and 2 meats.
At night, I had participate a Academic Night which organized by a Christian Club. The event is organized in out of our campus. I gained alot from the programme and knew some seniors who are so friendly to lend us their notes.

Study as usual and at night, our college had a Barbeque at Pokok Tanjung. We no need to BBQ ourselve. Our Malays' seniors BBQ for us and all the foods were prepared and we just need to queue up to take food. There have Meehon, corns, sausages, and BBQ chickens. Yummy!

Yahooo!!! The day I wish it comes fast. I can leave the oldest and smallest college! I no need to stay at there for 2 days. Im just so happy!:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stressful life!

I'm sick already!
The stupid orientation and time-table for study drive me crazy!!!
For the 1st sem, from Tuesday to Thursday, my class will start from 8a.m. and end at 6p.m. or 7p.m. . Oh gosh!!! I will die after this sem.
Even though I haven't really start my study, I feel stress and feel like want to give up!
Who can help me!!!!!Arghhh!!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Orientation Week in UM-29/06/08-04/07/08

I was half dead after 1 week orientation. Honestly, this orientation is much much harder and suffer than National Service.

We just managed to sleep 2 or 3 hours a day and can't even bath for the whole day. We just can bathed at the midnight. Some people even can't bathed for 1 day. And we just ordered to wear 2 t-shirts which gave by them for 6days. We can't wash the clothes and what we can do is spray perfume so that it won't so smelly. But at the end, the smelly smell was surrounded the whole Dewan Persidangan that we used to gather there.

Besides, we have to rush our every meals. Each meal just can spent not more than 5 minutes. After meal, we need to rush back to gather and ran to DTC(Dewan Tuanku Chanselor) or KPS(Komplex PerdanaSiswa) which is quite far from my college. Actually we were not late at all but because my KPM(Ketua Pembantu Mahasiswa) is the Penghulu for the whole UM, so he wants our college always be the First in everything as the motto of our college "Khursiah, Takes the Lead". We were 2nd arrived in KPS one day, then we get scolded after returned back to college.

Then the discipline's seniors didn't smile for the whole orientation week. They just like to scold and scold us. It's really suffer. We can said that everyday also get scolded by them.

Besides, my room is terribly sucks. When the 1st time I entered my room, I was totally suprised! It is just like a tiny box with a double-decker bed, 1 long table which is share by 2 people and 2 tall cupboard. It's so uncomfortable to stay at there but I have no choice. I have to stay there for 1 year or half year. Hope it will be fine later. And roommate is from Malacca and she is taking Sastera majoring in Sejarah. In Kolej Kediaman Ketiga Tuanku Khursiah, Chinese is in majority. That's a good news though. In my college, there is a dewan makan, dewan persidangan, bilik bacaan, cyber cafe, tv room which is so old, small market, tennis court, badminton court, basketball court, washing machine which need to put in coins.

The "wall fan" and small bookcase.

My table.

My roommate's place and did you see her photo?lolz..


My superb small cupboard. The door which closed is my roommate's.

My very old old double-decker bed.:(

Monkeys behind my block. They usually come out at evening and start their food hunting.

Sahur's cafe in my college. The famous food there is Nasi Goreng USA but I still haven't try it.

I also had registered my courses and set-up my time-table which is so troublesome. Some course I want to take but clash with some courses. It's really bad! Some faculty, their time-table are set-up by the lecturer already. So they no need to suffer from choosing the right course in the right time. My time-table can say 5 days also need to attend lecture and few days my class are from 8am to 7pm. Some even worst, after my this class, I need to rush in to another class. In my faculty for undergraduate, just have 99 students in this year which decline every year. Last year, there is 150+ students and the previous year, there is 300+ students. Intake of undergraduate decline each year because UM Science Faculty is the research school and they need to increase the postgraduate intake.

After 6days, then came into the end of the Haluansiswa. In the last day, we were having our Malam Juara-Juara. There are alots of activities were going on in this few days. So, in Malam Juara-Juara, those who get first in Arts competitions like Choir, Dikir Barat, Sketch were performing there. Besides, we also have the Cheers Competition between each college. The DTC was so crowded with 11 colleges which each college has almost 400++ people. Every college also cheers to the max. It's fun to see all this and it is once a chance in my lifetime there is alots of people cheer with me. It is a sweet memory for me to enter this Haluansiswa even though the past few days were so suffer and tough.


Chiam & me in DTC.

My painted face.

One of the college's banner.

After the Malam Juara-Juara, we were headed off back to our college and those all PMs(Pembantu Mahasiswa) were having something like Ice-breaking with us. They introduce themselve once again altough they had introduced themselve in the 1st day. But what made me suprise is our discipline board's seniors shown their smile! As what I mentioned above, in these 6 days, we didn't see their smile once. But that day we saw it. Yes! They did smile! And almost all seniors apologize to us for these 6days. For what they had done to us, rushing us to eat, scolding us and etc. But finally I knew, what they had done for us these few days were for our own good. They want to train us to be tough in our coming challenges and be punctual as well to enter lecture.

*p/s : Photos of my room and UM will upload later when I have free time to capture because in this 6 days I don't even have time to look at mirror as well.