Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's been long time after I've abandon this blog. So let's have a quick update.

I'm officially say goodbye to university's life and going to say hello to working's life soon.

Actually, I'm not very happy to this changes in my life. I have no excitement of graduation, no excitement of working.

After work, there will be alot of commitments and this is my responsibility. I scare I can't handle it well but I will try my best.

For the moment, I just stay at house and rest enough before my new life is starting.

Another thing that harras me is I need to drive alone in KL during my working life. Oh my god! I'm scare of it but I have to overcome this fear because I am force to! So friends, wish me all the best!

After almost 5 months of your leave, I still always think about you and and your everything! I'm just too miss you, mum.

God, my wish for the rest of my life is hope that my family members will stay healthy and happy forever!