Thursday, October 17, 2013



This is the bangle that I'd wish for after the drama "Triumph in the Skies II".

The story of this bangle is about a boyfriend presented this bangle to his girlfriend just to want her to stay with her forever. He'll keep the key by himself. The girl has no way to open the bangle unless to get the key from the boy. That's something like a promise between a couple where will not leave each other forever, will tide together forever.

And yes, I've just told him once that I wanted to buy this bangle because I saw it in the online shopping website. Then he asked me that how come is a girl buy for herself? That's no right what. Then I just laughed and said I'm just joking. I'm not going to buy it as I felt wasted. 

I think should be after couple of weeks, I've received this thingy by Pos. He said he wanted to give me a surprised by not asking me whether I am received it or not. But he felt that it took too long to reach my hand, so he decided to ask me whether I received any parcel or not these few days.

On the day itself, I saw a note pasted on my house's gate from Pos and it's for me. There is nobody at home, so I have to collect it from the office. So the next day morning, I went to collect it in the early morning as I was very anticipated what's the thing inside the parcel that he wanted to give me surprise.

So when I got my parcel, I straight messaged him that I got the thing! He asked me to open it through video call.

When I opened it slowly and "politely", tearing off piece by piece of papers and finally I saw the Tiffany & Co. box. I opened the box and I stunt and argghhhh... it's the bangle! The bangle that I wanted before. That moment I was feeling touch and surprised. I can't believe that just a simply joking, but he remembered it and put an effort to search for me this bangle. 

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and I will very appreciate this bangle.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Seven days ago, I was sending you to the airport and saying goodbye to you. 
Seven days ago, at this time, you were on the plane while I was on my bed.
Seven days ago, I still can hold your hand, hugged you and smelled you.
Seven days ago, we were having breakfast and dinner together.
Seven days ago, yes just seven days ago. 
These seven days just a short period but yet I feel like seven weeks or seven months.
Why does the time pass so slow? 
Can I twist the clock to make the time pass faster?
Can I survive for the remaining 365 days?
Yes, I can and I must!