Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I really do not have any CNY's feel this year. Everyday also tired due to sickness, sweat because of weather it's hot.
Because of these, I do no have mood to go out. Just sit in front of my pc and watching PPS.
Recently, I'm watching a korean drama. It's very nice. This drama is my mum recommand to me one. She kept said very nice. So I try to open and watch it. After watched, I'm addicted! 1 day watched 20 episodes. LOL...
Today is 3rd day of CNY. My half CNY is passed just by doing nothing at all.
There have 3 more tests waiting for me after this holiday. I haven't start revise yet. I'm too lazy to start it!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyone is headed back to their hometown for celebrate the coming soon CNY and so do I. But I can't really feel the CNY atmosphere. Why? All busy with their studies, work, money and etc?
For me, it was a bad day. I was falling sick. Stupid idiot virus, why you approach to me? It's too bad!
As usual, I have to clean up the house, wash all the curtains, mop the floor, sweep the dust and so on. But, I will wait for my sister and brothers to come back and work out with me.
In this coming CNY, there is someone missing and that is my grandpa. He died at 3rd day of CNY last year. He cannot join our CNY celebrating anymore. He had leave us for 1 year. I miss him very much.
After CNY, my nightmare will start! It is 8th week for the semester and it means already half semester was gone. Half semester without doing something. Everyday sleep at lecture, chit-chat with friends, or dreaming as well. I don't know what I had learn in this past half semester. So after CNY, I should start to revise??? Kidding! ^^ But somehow, I also need to start a little bit by little bit because all the tests are waiting for me. I hate this kind of life.
I think I should stop crapping here and start to help my mum to clean the house.
Take care my friends and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of my readers and HAPPY VALENTINE too to all the lovely couples.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reunion Dinner Year 2010

Year 2010 Reunion Dinner!!! Wish everyone have a bless tiger's year! All the best to you guys. Love you all very much!


Monday, February 1, 2010

The weather is too hot and I have no mood to do everything except sleep in aircond's room!!!
Say NO to Medicinal!!!!=P