Saturday, December 27, 2008

The dead of Tuanku Ja’afar

The Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan, Tuanku Ja’afar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman, passed away at 11.45am today.He was 86.

I knew it when we was going to hospital to visit my grandpa.
The hospital there is unusually crowded and especially in 5th floor where ICU located.
Tuanku Ja’afar was in the same ICU with my grandpa and so we can't enter to visit my grandpa.

I was just wonder why Malaysians are so busybody. When we waited outside, got some people stand outside just want to see Tuanku Ja’afar. Some even worst, they actually wanted to visit their family member but because of some "curiousity", they stood outside and waited. I'm going to faint.

Tuanku Ja’afar, rest in peace!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I just visited my grandpa at hospital.
We met the doctor and she told us that my grandpa quite serious.
The doctor asked us if he hard to breath, we want them to do something for my grandpa or just leave it? Omg...Once I heard that, I quite angry. What a doctor for? Just leave the patient suffer and don't want to do anything? Is this a doctor's job? A doctor's responsibility is to help the patient, to save their life for even last breathe and not to ask comment from us.
I saw my grandmom, my aunts, my uncles and my dad all are so worried about my grandpa. My dad and my uncles all like wanna cry. When I saw it, my tears also fall on my cheek. My cousins also cried after visited my grandpa. must be tough. You must win this illness. I'm sure you will win for this fight one. May GOD bless my grandpa.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday going to end soon. I don't feel like want to back to the stressful life.
I enjoy the no stress life for 1 month plus.

Before have to back to uni, I started to feel stress because of my stupid time-table.
Hmmm...I can register for 21 credit hours but now I just registered for 19. So should I register for another 2 more credits? If register 2 more credits, then I have 9 subjects in the coming semester. Then those subjects I registered will be quite tough and then my time will be pack. So how?Aih.....Probability is it hard to get C?Hmm...I wish to take probability because it doesn't clash my time-table but I heard quite hard to score. Headache~

Thursday, December 18, 2008


There is so so many bad things happened together last week.
Grandfather fall sick and now he still at hospital while my mother just discharged from hospital at KL also.
Oh my GOD....why must all those bad things happened to me? I really have no energy anymore.
I do pray my grandfather and my mother will recover soon and stay healthy always! I hope all my family members and also my friends do take care of themselves and stay healthy too.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have mixture of moods today, happy and sad.

Happy is due to my Physical Chemistry's result. I went to ask office about C- is pass or fail and she told me it is pass. Finally, I can release my worries to retake it again.

But I think happiness doesn't really brings me happy. I feel depressed more than happy today. Why???!!!! Why it must happen again on her? I hate it. I don't want her to worry so much anymore. God.I thought it was all gone. I thought it won't be happen again. But why? I feel tonnes of stress on me now. I can't breathe, I have no more energy! What can I do just can help her to release her suffer? I need GOD to tell me how am I going to do!!!

Please GOD.I beg YOU again. Please.please make her get well soon and protect her! She needs YOU to protect her. She needs YOUR courages. I beg YOU..........

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lala's session...

After arrived Seremban, went for breakfast with parents and of course I can't eat anymore. It is too fat for me already. hahaha.... I just want some sleep but unfortunately, I don't have.

My sleep's look in the car.
Went to Bazaar with parents and we had Lala's session. I know it was fat but I still ate it because it was so so so delicious. Here you go...

Ah Chiun was eating the Kuih Koci I bought back from Malacca.

Yummy!!!! This is just some of it. We had 2kg of Lalas.
Lalas that I ate. So little, right?
Here were all Lalas....

Malacca Trip.3.12.2008 - Day 2

All of us woke up at 2 something in the afternoon and so we didn't have our breakfast but we had our brunch.
We had Satay as our brunch. We had about 100 satays by 7 peoples.

The satays.
The satay source.
After brunch, went back to house and played Big 2.5 in Viwawa.
The 3 laptops played at once.
Cards of mine and dear.
Doreen & Wye Lyng were 1 group.
At night, we went to Mahkota Parade to buy some souveniers and after that, get our dinner in Seoul Garden. You know what, we ate for 3 hours and 15 minutes. and 3 rounds in total we had ate. How could 5 little girls can ate so much? Hahaha....but we made it. Yes we did.

The foods. Our 1st round.
Yen Nee & Teng Wann.
Wye Lyng & I.
2nd round of mine and dear. Lolz.
Dear was eating the mee.
3rd round of 5 of us. Omg!! Fainted!
And this is the end. We couldn't eat anymore. Over fat already. :P
Doreen's gave up? hahaha....
Last spoon of soup and Ais Kacang by Yen Nee & Teng Wann.
On the way back to home,
The Eye of Malaysia.

At house, the room,
we were playing cards online. But after boring with it, we changed it to real cards. We played with the Mahjong's tokens. We played until 3 something in the morning and changed it to Mahjong. Play Mahjong at 4 in the morning? Yes we did!
We played until 6 something in the morning and get prepared for breakfast and leave. We had Dim Sum as our breakfast. Delicious too but we were so so so tired!! Doreen, Yen Nee, Teng Wann and I didn't sleep for whole night while Wye Lyng can't stand anymore, she slept. Lolz...
Doreen's cute look.
The cards and the tokens.
Mahjong-ing. Teng Wann just learned to play.
Doreen and her cat. lolz.
Doreen's lose look. She has a professional gambler's look. hahaha

After breakfast, we went to Melaka Central to get for bus.

Arrive Seremban at 10.30a.m. and I can't back home yet. Still have to follow parents went to Bazaar until 2 something just went home. My sleep's record was break. I didn't sleep for 1 day, 24 hours. God!!! Super damn tired!
Arrived home, straight away fall aslept on my bed.

That was my 3 days 2 nights' trip to Malacca. It was really fun and happy to meet them especially Doreen's parents (they were really nice), Teng Wann (new friend) and of course my dear and Doreen.

Ning Shing

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Malacca Trip.2.12.2008 - Day 1

We departed from Terminal 1 at 10.30a.m.. To arrive the destination, Melaka Central, it's takes about 1 and a half hour.

The tickets.

On the way, Wye Lyng was thinking of her BF. Lol..

Wye Lyng & I.

In Malacca,

My lovely roommate, Yen San.

The Street. On the way for lunch.

After lunch.

Christmas decoration in Mahkota Parade.
Voir Gallery.

Pinkberrys where we had our high-tea.

Yen San and her ice.

Before, all of our ice.
My mangoes' ice.
Yen Nee's ice.
Teng Wann's cendol.

Doreen's ice.

Wye Lyng's honeydew ice.

Yen San's mixed fruits ice.


After high-tea, we went back to Doreen's house and get some rest.
At night, we went to the Pasar Malam which near Doreen's house for our dinner.
After that, we went back to house again and wait for Doreen's father to come back and go out together.
The Melaka's Eye.
Melaka's river.

Pirate Ship that we had played.

Teng Wann(Yen Nee's friend) & Yen Nee.

Teng Wann, Doreen, Yen Nee.

Melaka River Cruise where we sat boat to visit the Melaka at night.

Doreen & I in the boat.

Wye Lyng, Yen Nee & Teng Wann in the boat.

Melaka River Pirate Park.

Melaka's Eye from boat.

One of the bridge. Don't know what is the name.:P

Dear & I.

Doreen, Wye Lyng & Teng Wann - Take 1(Normal Look)

Take 2 (MTV's look)

Take 3 (MTV's look again) Hahaha...

Dear & I again.

Uncle & Aunty (Doreen's parents). Both of them are really nice and friendly.

The boat's ticket. Teng Wann was shy. Lolz.

Doreen's innocent look.

5 prisoners??

5 means what? RM 5 for the ticket or something else? I don't know. Need to ask Yen Nee/Doreen/Teng Wann. They knew about it, I guessed. hahaha..

Supper time. At Capitol Satay Celup.

Doreen was eating.

Yum Yum!!!!
The prawns before cook.

And the after.

Before start.

And ended up with this. lolz..