Thursday, January 29, 2009

My grandfather was passed away yesterday.

He passed away with sickness. Why he needs to suffer? He was so nice when he still alive.

He loves to chatting with all his grandchildren.

He is a best grandfather to me.

I LOVE HIM very much.

I hope he has a brand new life in the heaven.

Ah Gung, rest in peace. I'll miss you always and love you forever.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Chinese New Year supposed to be a happy festival, right?
But don't know why this year I didn't feel so happy like last time.
Maybe because my grandpa still in unconscious condition althought he had discharged from hospital and back to home.
Today, when I went to grandmom's house, I heard my granny said this evening grandpa looked quite suffer. I know granny was so worried about grandpa. She worried until didn't eat dinner.
My dad also worried for my grandpa. He stay at my granny's house today to take care of my grandpa even though he is sick now.
Please GOD, please give strength to my grandpa, granny and my dad. Give my grandpa power to live. Give power to my granny and my dad to take care of my grandpa.

*Gong, you must be tough, okay? I'll be here to pray for you. Don't worry ya.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year, my friends!

Ning Shing here to wish you guys have a Prosperous New Year!

My New Year's wishes are as below:
1. My parents stay healthy always.
2. My grandpa get well soon.
3. My sister and brothers earn more and more. Lolz...So that can give me more money. :P
4. My studies will become better.
5. My friends stay pretty and handsome always.

From outside view.

Inside the living room.

"FU" made by "Mei Hua"

New Year, New Hope, New Vision.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was the last day we gathered before all go back to hometown for celebration of Chinese New Year. Yen San suggested that we don't want to sleep for the whole night.

So, we went to Sahur for supper at 10p.m. and chatted for 1 hour, I guessed.
Then later on Yen San suggested to play badminton. So, Hong Chiun, Yee On, Yen San & I went to play badminton behind Block E at 11 something. We played for few hours until 3 something in the morning. We were so crazy to play badminton and basketball in the midnight.

After some exercises, we stopped and sat down for some chit-chat. We chatted about our future, our studies and etc. We chatted until 4 something to 5a.m. and Yen San( the one who suggested not-to-sleep) was tired and sleepy. So we ended up our not-to-sleep's gathering.

Went back to room and took bath because we were so smelly after exercise. First time bath at 5 in the morning. The crazy thing never end. After bath, I told Yen San that my panda eyes were out and you know what? She invited me to do facial. Hahaha...we actually wanted to do it early one but can't find a suitable time. So we did it yesterday (supposed is today morning).

After facial session, Yen San lyed on her bed and I was watching The Gem of Life since I didn't feel sleepy yet. I fall asleep at 7a.m. and woke up at 8a.m. due to my stomach pain. Isshhh....

The whole day I was so so so tired and sleepy. At afternoon around 3p.m. today, Doreen and I took KTM back to Seremban and Doreen straight went back to Malacca after arrived Seremban. The KTM was so so so jam. I became sandwich and I can't breathe. What even worst is Doreen and I need to stand for 1 hour + because we don't have any seats. I wanna die.

The Seremban's streets all jammed and I arrived home at 7 something and slept for half hour.

The end of my day!

I Miss my friends in UM and YOU very much.

Ning Shing

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reunion Dinner @ 16.01.2009

Date & Time : 16.01.2009 @ 1800
Venue : Seoul Garden, Kerinchi
Attendent : Yen Nee, Yen San, Yeong Siang, Doreen, Ning Shing, Hong Chiun, Kar Hooi and Seng Lim.
Theme: Black & White

We 8 peoples have our reunion dinner before Chinese New Year has come. We arrived at Kerinchi station around 7pm. Below is those pictures we took. Let's the picture do some talking.

In the beginning,
we throw all things inside because we were too hungry.

Dear Yen Nee & I
Doreen & Kar Hooi.
A small family from a big family. Lolz.
Yeong Siang & Kar Hooi.
Doreen was shocked when Seng Lim wanna hug her. Hahah
The "drama" started.
Doreen as Hong Chiun's wife and Yen Nee as Hong Chiun's girlfriend and I don't know what is Yen San's character.Lolz..
All of them get shocked.
The Chemistry's group pictures.
Oh!!! Kar Hooi, what happened to your hand? :P
My hair !!!! Naughty Seng Lim & Yeong Siang
A happy family.

The BLACK's group.
The WHITE's group.

Yen San (My Lovely Roommate) & I.

Hong Chiun, Doreen, Ning Shing and Yen Nee.

The Girls.

Hugged by Doreen.:=)
Hong Chiun & Dear.
Yen San, Yeong Siang and Kar Hooi.
Yen San & Yeong Siang.
Kar Hooi & Seng Lim.
Hong Chiun & Doreen

The end,

And our Group Picture. We are a HAPPY FAMILY.

Almost 10.30pm, we leave and planned to back to college. Doreen suggested to go to KLCC but due to time factor, she changed her plan to take the LRT from Kerinchi station until the last station(Kelana Jaya Station). We all agreed with her because we all were crazy! But when reached University Station, Yeong Siang and Yen San said wanted to go back to college. 5 of us still struggling want to go back or not. And finally, Yen Nee & I ran out from the LRT and followed by Hong Chiun and Kar Hooi. Who is missing??? Oh ya...our funny queen, Doreen was still inside the LRT because when she wanna run out, the door was closed. But luckily, Kar Hooi, the "Hero" used his hand to block the door from closing and opened up the door. And of course Doreen was saved by him. Lolz...
Our craziest things haven't finished yet. We walked back to college from Station University because we thought don't have RapidKL anymore. We used half an hour to walk back. Seriously, I don't think is far when we walked together with friends and at night. If walk alone and at afternoon, I think I'll faint. Along the way back to college, we sang, we chatted. It's really fun.
After arrived college, we didn't back to our room immediately but we went to the basketball court behind guy's block to play "Truth or Dare" at 12 in the midnight. Are we crazy? Yes! I think we are. We total 7 persons played this game. We played until 1am and Yeong Siang and Kar Hooi wanted to sleep, so they leave. But 5 of us that is Ning Shing, Yen Nee, Yen San, Doreen and the only guy Hong Chiun still at there chit-chat. We talked alot of things. We shared our experience but mostly the story teller was Hong Chiun. We chatted until 2 something in the morning.
I was so so so so happy to have this sweet+crazy moment with them. They bring alot of joys to me. I love them very very much seriously. It's from my deep heart. Muaaaaahhhhssssss

Lots of love,
Ning Shing

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1.1.2009 - Shopping spree

Shopping spree with Doreen, Yen Nee, Yeong Siang and Kirsty in MidValley.
Arrived in MidValley at 2 something and they had their lunch in the Korea's Restaurant (forgot it's name).

Doreen & Kirsty, the couple. Lolz.
Appetizers of Korea style.
Don't know what this called.
Doreen's otopus noodles.
Dear and I.

After .Us again.

After lunch, we started our shopping spree. We walked for few hours and then is time for our dinner. We had our dinner at Kenny Rogers.

Yeong Siang & Doreen.

Doreen's TVXQ cute pose.

3 cute girls.

The sweeeet couple.
My set dinner.
Doreen's set dinner.

After we ate, they looked like this.
Yeong Siang's dirty plate.
Kirsty and Yen Nee.
Kirsty and I.
Our dessert - Kwai Ling Guo in Kong Huo Tong.