Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello my little bloggie!!! I'm so sorry for abandon you for such a long time. So your owner me trying to make you alive again. =)
The semester is going to step into the 8th week and for the past 7 weeks, there had alots of things happened. Ups and downs, happy and sad, enjoyed and suffered.... All happened!
But, luckily all passed! And recently I felt quite funny with those people who same lab class with me. You kow who you are ya! They angry us because lose to us to grab the apparatus! Omg! It's really freaking funny and non-sense. And beginning of that day, they just like ignored us! But what I felt unhappy is the way they treated my roommate. I don't know is it I'm too sensitive or they really do like this. They actually were one group of best friends and will go anywhere together. But this semester, they treated her like not a best friend anymore and didn't invite her go along anywhere but asked the other gal who not really closed with them to go. This make my roommate felt sad. Why they so 'kiasu'? So scare of people to win them and treat their best friend like this. I so hate them! By the way, after next year May, I think I will not meet them anymore since they are such coward!
Well, I don't want to talk about them anymore and waiting for our group next trip to Penang! Sapoh roommate, don't worry. They don't made you as best friend, nevermind! I will make you to be mine! Let's enjoy our trip fully! Don't bother them although I know you will not!=)
Okay...I write till here first. Out of mind what to write! Bye!