Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pity blog!'s been ages since I updated my blog! Pity my bloggie.
Well, I'm just too lazy to write recently. But let's make the story short and sweet. :)
I had worked for 3 months and the life there still not bad. But recently my boss gave me some work to handle already. So scare to make mistake.
My convocation is on next Saturday! So nervous and excited!
And I spent alot after I worked. In my mind set now is I can buy anything that I can't afford when studied. LOL.... That's the cause of no money now! :(
That day was AirAsia free seat period and I've booked two places to travel next year - Miri & Cambodia! Can't wait for them! <3
I think that's all first since now is short and sweet. :P