Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

New year is going to step on very soon. Just in 6 more hours time.
From small until now, I didn't really set a resolution for myself throughout the year. But I hope to make some changes in the coming year 2012.
I want to set up a resolution plan for myself to achieve in the year 2012. let's see what is my resolution 2012:
  1. Learn up as much as things in my career. Don't keep wait for the senior to ask me to do.
  2. Decrease my weight to the limit I've set since this morning I weighed, omg, I'm over limit!
  3. No shopping anymore in the first half year of 2012. (because I spent a lots in buying unnecessary things.:( )
  4. Must restart my exercise again! Twice a week if didn't go for outstation.
  5. Must do savings.
  6. Must learn to do some investment.
  7. Must learn to love and care everyone in my life.
  8. If found my true love, must appreciate him. Not to repeat my mistakes again.
  9. Learn to control my emotions, my tempered. Do not easily get angry.
  10. Must do some charity works and keep update with my sponsored kid!
I think 10 resolutions will be best for me. Hopefully that I can achieve all of these throughout the year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to all my beloved family, friends and you. I love you all so much! ♥

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve!
Nothing much happened during this week because all of us were on the holiday mood.
I felt myself very great because I was driving alone back from PJ to Seremban. This is my first time to drive alone and so long distance. But I felt good because I no longer need to depend on people to fetch me back hometown in future. Yippie! Does it count as a good job I've done before the end of year 2011?
Hmmm..whatelse? Oh ya...went to celebrate Christmas eve eve eve with my colleague and then went for a movie, "New Year's Eve". It was not bad, quite meaningful movie. And funny too.
Other than that, Thursday went to shopping with the colleague again and can't bought anything because all not suit me. So sad...nevermind, still got lots of shopping centers and boutiques waiting for me. :)
Today is Christmas Eve, hope my family and my friends have a great great celebration tonight and Merry Christmas! Love you all! <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mixture of Moods

Today got a mixture of moods.
At first was sleepy and boring because need to attend a stupid course whole day which actually only need 2 hours to complete. Wasted my time.
In the meantime, my colleague sent a message to another colleague who attended the course with me telling him that our company had declare 24th and 31st December as holiday and the suppose holiday on Monday is cancelled. I was WTH when I heard this news and moody since that.
Okay, that's nevermind since this is company's decision. I can't do anything also. Just can accept it.
After the course, I was happy because I went to One Utama to shop for Christmas's presents. When I saw all those Christmas's decorations, gifts, Santa Clause, etc....I was so excited. The feeling of holiday is getting nearer! I shopped for 1 hour plus in order to get those presents.
During shopping, I'd received a call from my colleague and she told me that yes, 24th and 31st December have declare as holiday but..... the following Monday also holiday! Waoooo....I was so so so happy! Meaning that I have three days holiday for both of this date! Thank you so much my company! :)
I think I have to plan my holiday now! Any suggestion, friends?
After I reached home, I got call from my father. He told me that there is a letter from PTPTN for me. I was like WHAT? I have no relation with PTPTN but why they sent me a letter? The letter content is saying that I owe them RM 21k. What the hell! I cancelled it once I got my scholarship and I didn't take any cents from you bitch! Government really stupid. I guess because of this, I need to run here run there to settle it since you all know that what is the attitude our government's workers have! Damn it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The day with my three little darlings!

The day with my three darlings!
It's been long time since we four went out together.
My day was brighten by them. I love outings with you girls.
We knew each other for almost 10 years. It is not a short period. Although sometimes we had misunderstanding, but we've overcome it. And now, we still are best friends.
Everytime when I was upset, you all will by my side and support me especially my lovely Mei Yen. I love you so much. <3
Hope that our friendship will last forever and endless! And we must plan to have more and more outings in future!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Eclipse

Today hot news! Full moon eclipse is on the sky!
Newspapers, Facebook, everyone, everywhere is talking about the eclipse.
Here are the both pictures of normal full moon and the eclipse.

The normal full moon
The eclipse <3

Friday, December 9, 2011

My New Hair Style!

Yesterday my mood was really terrible! I almost wanted to cry in office!
But I controlled it because I don't want people thought that I'm weak!
But, something had lighten up my night - New Hair Style!
I've booked to do something on my hair one month ago and yesterday was the day!
I reached the saloon at 5.30pm and the stylist started to 'renovate' my hair around 6pm.
So guessed what? I used 4 and a half hours to complete my hair renovation!
My god! I was so hungry and sleepy!
But luckily, the result was satisfied and I think it is worth for me to get hungry and gastric. :)...p/s:(those who care for me please don't scold me because of gastric...LOL)
I scared of the curl hair doesn't suit for me and all the reasons for me to postpone until yesterday. Yea yea!!! I finally stepped out the first step for curled and dyed my hair! It's really needed a lots of courage for me to do it!
So people, if you want to do something, just go for it! You will never know the result if you never try! Once you've try, you know the result, and you will not regrets! This is applicable to all of you! In life, work, love and everything.

The most difficult part! My neck was so tired!
The product!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Don't know why today my mood was not very good!
Early in the morning already felt tired and mood was bad!
So, when the senior taught me about work, I also didn't talk much but just listened.
That's fine because at least I still haven't explode!
But after lunch, I went to check out for something and I found out got some problem. So I went to tell him the problem but he just bla this bla that.
Ok! It's fine. I tried again for second time by myself. But at the end, still cannot be solved. Alright! I told him about that and he said the same thing again and he expected that I know how to solve myself which I didn't experience before. Damn him! If I know how to solve it, I will not go to ask for your help, ok? And that time, I'd exploded! I speaked loudly with him although I knew that this is not respect him. But who care! Does he worth me to respect?
But nevermind, I will solve it myself tomorrow! I will not ask you for the third time! F**K!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

爱。。。一直都在 always there

I just watched a video made by an insurans company. The story is about a father is going to die while his daughter is still a child. He wants to play seek and hide with her. He said he will hide longer for this time. So in the meantime, she has to help her father to take care the mother. The rule of this seek and hide is she only can ask her mother about where her father hide after 10 years!
It made me think about my lovely mom.

爱。。。一直都在 always there.

I suddenly so miss you, mom!
Just now told about you with my colleague, I felt like I'm going to cry but I control myself. I can't cry anymore because I'd promise I want to be strong and tough. So I will not let myself being so weak. I will not make you feel disappointed!
I so miss you........

Monday, December 5, 2011