Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life Is stress

Long time didn't update my blog!

Exam is nearer and my stress is double!

Gosh!!!I wish exam faster over and I can relax !

Everyday need to study study and study.....Boring!But have too.....

+=+ My messy table...All exam fault! +=+

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friendship Lost & Found

Today, I'd read an article from The Star entitled "Friendship Lost and Found"....

It is wrote about a little childhood misunderstanding and a lot of childish pride add up to 30 wasted years.

The both person knew each other when they were aged 12.They became best buddy then.
But....good days are not always there for people....They ended up their friendship just because of his friend had chosen to listen to somebody esle rather than trusted his own best friend.

After 30 years, they met up each other again in a reunion dinner.He was shocked because he met his friend face-to-face.The most suprised was...his friend gave him a hug and quoted a verse from Bible -"Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven".

After the reunion dinner, they still kept in touch and they became best buddy again....

After I'd read this article, I wonder how could a friendship which already broken and got a scar on it can recover it.For me, once a friendship was broken means that there will be a great wall between us...We hard to overcome the wall....and and and.....I can't really stand for a friendship which full of unfaithful, cheat, liar and etc....

For me, a broken friendship means that they already fed up and hopeless in this relationship.So, how could them become hopeful after hopeless??I wonder.......?

Maybe forgiveness play an important part in friendship but for me, if my best friends misunderstood me and prefer to listen to others rather than me means he/she doesn't really understand me.....If like this, what is the point that this friendship still continue....waste time, waste energy and waste my trustworthty towards them.

And I hate the most is those people who are hypocrite.They really sucks!
Be friend with you nicely in front of people but backbiting you after that!Arg.....Damn it!

I heard one of my friend said this before, people will always change.Today maybe is your best friends but tomorrow......NO WAY!The will be your enemy too!So.....the friend who told me this actually he doesn't trusted anyone and he don't want has such a hypocrite friendship!He rather be alone than betrayed by the person you trust the most!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Aya: L.O.V.E Letter

反之, 她更造福人群。。。用自己的笔迹去鼓励所有绝望的人。。。



人活着每天以泪洗脸, 那么为什么人还要来到这个世界受苦呢?






Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hmm....I can't online too often anymore!
So i can't update my blog too often..
because my bro take off the modern so that I can't online...
too bad!
But nevermind, after 2 months, I can play whenever I like and how long I like...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Because I Love You

These few days I really fall in love with this song title Because I love You sang by Stevie B...
It is a nice song and quite meaningful...
First I get to know this song from the Hong Kong drama series "The Drive of Life"...
The lyrics is so touch....
The melody is soft and nice...

Because I Love You - Stevie B

Got Ur letter.
From the postman just the other day.
So I decide 2 write U this song.
Just 2 let U know.
Exactly the way I feel.
To let U know my love is 4 real.

Because I love U.
and I will do anything.
I give U my heart.
My everything.
Because I love U.
I'll be right by Ur side.
To be Ur light 2 be Ur guy.

If U should feel.
That I don't really care.
And that U're starting 2 lose ground.
Just let me reassure U.
That U can count on me.
And that I will always be around.

Because I love U.
MY heart is an open door.
Girl, won’t U pleas come on in?
Because I love U.
I'll be right by Ur side.
To be Ur light 2 be Ur guy.

If U should feel.
That I don't really care.
And that U're starting 2 lose ground.
Just let me reassure U.
That U can count on me.
And that I will always be around.

Because I love U.
MY heart is an open door.
Girl, won’t U pleas come on in?
Because I love U.
I'll be right by Ur side.
To be Ur light 2 be Ur guy.

If a guy sing this song for me with the good voice...
Hehehe.....I'm sure I'll feel touch and sweet...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's life

Today, we all plan to have steam-boat in the coming holiday with Mr. See, Mr. Siah, Sammy, Chai Pic, Xin Hui & me....
We discussed till so excited....
But suddenly our topic not around this but something else...
I really can't believe that still got people in the class do not know bout me & "him"...
I don't know should say them observative skills are too low or what...
Very obvious actually...
But the both gentlemen still don't know and asked me bout it!Argh...
But never mind, I won't kira with them....
Not my fault also....Who asked "him" so busybody asked me bout that when I was in my bad mood!
His own fault!Don't tried to blame me...
Well....Forget about it!

Do you all will dream even have a nap?
OMG.....only a nap, I also can dream...Don't know why...
Izzit too tired?too stress?
I dream that me and Chai Pic were chasing each other in our school party....Lol...
When i chased her, she still can take beverages from others.....
LAter, me and her stopped and have the drinks...
Hahah.....quite non-sense dream is this....

LEt's talk about my horoscope today....
I think quite true for me...
Let's see......

Many different people are pushing you for action right now, and it might be in your best interests to make them happy. They are not as concerned with the quality of your actions as they are with you just doing something now, so there is no reason to put any pressure on yourself. There is no wrong answer here, so anything you do will be appreciated. This is a no-lose situation for you, so let go of the tension you may be feeling and just go for it!

MAybe I should do what this horoscope said....let go the tension and just go for it!
I think I can I do it...

Lol....and.....I will ponteng tomorrow too....
What a good student I am.....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I'm quite upset today because I'd receive a bad news!
Today I companied my mom go for checked up...doctor said her health had some problems....need to further check up.
Why should it happen to my mom?
I really sad and felt helpless!
I hope she will be healthy soon...
May God will bless her!
I also will pray to God!
Hope she recover soon!
Thanks God!

Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm Proud of Myself

Amazing!!Today I'd done one thing that I'm not dare to do...Driving up to a small bukit..
Wao....I'd felt great when I was successful climb up without fall back....Lol...Really feel proud!Somemore, I'm just driving alone.Nobody were with me!
Arhm....Feel like my driving skills are improved even though quite a long time didn't drive!
Well....Hope my skills would not drop but improve somemore....Haha....
This is the 1st time I'd drive alone and naik bukit alone without fallen back!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The 3rd Year

2 months more, the 3rd year you are not with me.
I don't know why your everything still in my mind?
Your smile, your cute and charm eyes, your attitude and your everything...

Why am I so stupid? Do you really deserved for me to remember you??
Whenever I'd saw the present you presented for me....I'll think of you again!
Whenever I'd listened to love song about break up...Your face would appeared in my mind!

I can't be like this....
I'm promise!I'm just allowed myself to think of you until this year!No more for the coming years!I must stop thinking of you anymore for my future life!Yes.....I promised I'll do it!


Why wanna told me about that?Why?That made me felt disgusting!

I can't imagine that!

Friday, October 5, 2007


... is you
... is love
... is shared
... is forgiving
... is shared secret
... heals many hurts
... is not judgemantal
... is shared laughter
... is slow and steady
... can be angry at times
... is depandable and true
... is more precious than silver and gold
... is meant to be savoured like fine wine
... is not prefect, much like we are not prefect
... does not hold grudges on demand prefection
... makes all the wrong thing in life, right somehow
... is meant to be gulped like lemonade on a hot summer day
... is always there, through times of trial, happy times and hard times

A true Friendship shouldn't be what these wrote?
I really fed up with a pretentious and somewhat a "BEST FRIEND" anymore!