Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 300th post is dedicate to my 2nd outstation - Johor Bharu.
This trip is much more fun than the previous one because this is different group of colleagues I went with and the place is much more better!
This time I went to refinery and learn ISO Audit.
The people there were nice and friendly. The foods there were so so but at least no need to eat spicy foods. The hotel is the best part of this trip because it is a FIVE STAR hotel. It was so enjoyable and comfortable.
I even went to gym with my colleague after work because both of us think that we gained weight and need to do exercise.
This trip overall is fun, enjoy and most noisest but I like it.
I love outstation but n

Friday, July 8, 2011

I just went back from outstation to Kedah yesterday.
This is my first outstation and I recieved this outstation last minute.
Well, before I was going to the estate, I was worried.
But after I went, I felt it is not that scary and worse than my senior told me.
I still can adapt the life there. It's sometimes better than I work in SB because during outstation, we can ended our work earlier and rest earlier.
Besides, I no need to pay 1 cent during the four days of my outstation because all is paid by company. It's sound great right?
But sometimes, it is quite boring also because what they talked about, I can't understood at all in the meantime.
And and and....I hate hotel. I heard my colleague said sometimes only will have 1 girl and few boys to outstation and that time, I have to sleep alone in the hotel. My godness, I scare the most to stay alone in the hotel but now and maybe I have to! But hopefully, my boss will not that cruel and treat me so badly!
Nothing to talk about this outstation because I just be an observer and learn things.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Working Life!

After worked for 17days, let me briefly talked about my working life.
First day of work, I still used to it because I'd worked there during my internship.
So far, I have nothing to do except study and learn to do testings which I'd learnt during internship too.
Today went into boss's office and he asked seniors to bring me for outstation next 2 weeks. It's quite fun and interesting I guessed but it will be very tired too.
But suddenly, one of my colleague called me and asked me to go for outstation next Monday for 5 days. It's too suddenly but I quite looking forward to it. I want some new experience which I can't get it inside my office.
Okay for all these, one of the most thing I can't tahan is one of my to say? He is too kind? Too helpful? Or too nagging? I just can't stand with him anymore. Last time, I hope can join his section but now, I hope I can join another section which I prefer more and that is my interest. So now, I just pray everyday hope that my boss will arrange me to the section I wish to join. If I join that section, I'll run away from his nagging but somehow, I still need to listen for his nag sometimes I guess.
Well, this is what I can said about my working life. So far, so good because everyone tell me the same thing which is...."You good lo, study can get salary....."....So I'm using this mind to let myself love this job. =)