Saturday, June 28, 2008

Uni starts!

Many of my friends leave Seremban and headed off to their uni today.
+ Wye Lyng went to UPM this morning.
+ See went to Penang and Lin Siew went to Terengganu.
+ Hwei Nee and Nicole went to Sabah.
+ Chai Pic headed off to Perlis.

After this, don't know when is the date for us to meet again. I'll miss them very much.
And tomorrow, is the time for me and some of my friends who study in UM&UKM to register.
Our brand new Uni's life is going to start!

Guys...let's enjoy our new life in Uni !!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gathering before enter Uni.

Date : 22/06/2008
Time : 1900
Place : At first is Bidara Corner but changed to Hawaii Steak House and 2nd round at Al-Wazir(don't know call what, the old Central).
Purpose : Gathering before enter Uni.
People who attended : Ning Shing, Wye Lyng, Xin Hui, Lin Siew, Yoon Wang & Jiuh Wong.

We used to chat many things in this gathering. We shared alots of informations about uni. We also reminded each other what things we need to bring to uni. It's really good to have this gathering because some of us just abit blur.

6 people here, 4 of us will be study at KL part while Yoon Wang will be going to USM, Penang and Lin Siew will be entering UMT, Terengganu. So we'll have less chances to meet up both of them unless there have long holidays I guess. So this will be the last time we meet both of them. We'll miss them alots!:)

After this, all of us will be busying with our stuffs preparing before enter uni.

Good luck guys and all the best in the new lifes. Enjoy the uni's life! I love you all loadx... Proud to have you guys as my friend!


Ning Shing

Friday, June 20, 2008

The day of MINE & Wye Lyng

I am very busy today.

Early in the morning, I went to BSN to buy the Pin for PTPTN application. After that, I went to Maybank to meet with Wye Lyng and waited for her to settle her new account.

Later on, we went to her dad's office to settle my PTPTN application through online. It was hard to enter the page because I guessed many people just rushing for the last 2 days. Malaysians like to do everything in last minute.

After that, we went to ACS because I wanted to find teacher to certify for my certs. But unfortunately, when I arrived there, the morning session was ended and almost all the senior assistants were back. So I didn't manage to certify all the certs. Unlucky me! Wye Lyng chatted with one of our Georgian who works as part-time teacher at there.

We had our lunch at Terminal One, Kopitiam. I ordered Tom Yam Meehun while Wye Lyng ordered something like Fried Rice with Chicken Steak. The foods there are quite nice and the environment is good too.

Miss Wye Lyng..

Me....Light on my head, I'm a angel?
She was reading the menu.

She asked me to capture when she's drinking.lolz..
She's very "FAN" with her studies. "Which should I choose?Arg!!" said by Miss.LOw
Cute expression...hahaha...

Ning Shing & Wye Lyng.

Then, we shopped for a while at Terminal One and then there was a Dance Competition which organized by Inti College. So we watched the competition which started at 2p.m. sharp. The competiton named "Hop 2 Da Beat". It is something like Hip-Hop dancing. All the participants looked cool. There are alot of pretty gals and handsome guys. Lolz....


The judge. Bobby I guessed. Hosted a dance show in Astro before.

One of the groups of the participants. This is the coolest group.

Game times. Free styler.

I went back at 3 something while Wye Lyng still wanna to watch, so she watched alone there and also went back after awhile I leave.

It was the day of mine and Wye Lyng. We do enjoyed the last activities-watched dance competition. It was the enjoyable day of us!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I didn't sleep well yesterday! Am I too over excited for the University offer or caused by caffein (I drank tea yesterday night)?

Well, same as previous day, I slept at 6 something in the morning today and woke up at 10 plus by smses. Damn tired now but can't really sleep.

I think I should be prepare for all those stuffs that need when in uni. I am so scare for enter uni now. I scare to meet those bad seniors after I read a UM's forum in the orientation week. Scare but waiting with hope. Mixture of feelings now.

Anyway, Congrates again to those who get their course and uni. All the best in the Uni's life. We already upgrade to Uni's level!:) Congratulations! This is the best pressies for my birthday and my wish came true. I made a wish that I can get 1st choice and so do my friends.:)

*I have no friends same uni with me right now as I knew. Sob!

I get IT!!!!

TAHNIAH ! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program seperti di bawah :


Omg!!! I get the course and university I wished!!! Yahoo(jumped here and there...)!!!So happy now and congrates to all those who get their ideal course and university too!!!

This year so many people get their First Choice and so to me! Thanks GOD for blessing me!:)
(happy until can't sleep now...)

Ning Shing

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sleep Over at my Place

Jiuh Wong and Wye Lyng slept over night at my place after the gathering.

Jiuh Wong stayed here because it is dangerous for him to drive back to Jelebu at night and Wye Lyng stayed here because she wanted to try to online at night in MIrc!

It's really fun to have them came over to my house and slept over night. We used to chat from 12a.m. to 4a.m. for 3 of us. I taught Jiuh Wong how to use those Microsoft Office and yes what will Wye Lyng do? Of course online chatting in IRC.

So busy to chat.

After Jiuh Wong finished his lessons to learn Microsoft, I turned off the laptop and we chatted. The Wye Lyng who is so PRO can chatting with us while IRC-ing. We chatted alot of things like relationships in love, sex education(lolz...) and many more. The Jiuh Wong can't stand anymore and he need to sleep at 4 in the morning! Piggie him!

Who is this PIG?

Ghost after PIG. Siah!

He went to sleep and of course not stopping me and Wye Lyng from chit-chat. Finally Wye Lyng offline and we laid on the bed and chatted until 6 in the morning. We can't sleep because our time-to-sleep already passed and we were so energetic. I gave her a suggestion to go for jogging at 6 in the morning because we ate too much yesterday. SO need exercise but we didn't do so. Laziness fault!Lolz..

Then we tried hard to sleep but I couldn't sleep. So I watched Hong Kong drama "Catch Me Now" till 7 something and felt sleepy so ended up to sleep.

I just slept for 3 hours and woke up because Jiuh Wong wanna back home before lunch time. After breakfast, he went back to Jelebu and I & Wye Lyng went to post office to settle her stuff and yes, she came back and online online again! Her life is so enjoyable when online and I salute to her man! While she online-ing, I watched tv of course. I am TV freak!

Wye Lyng went back home almost at 4p.m..

There is a day for me and Wye Lyng!:)

Love this type of sleep-over-night and I guess there will be less and less chances for us to gather like this anymore because all of us MAYBE will separate to all different states for further study. :(

Anyway....I'm here to wish all my friends good luck and get what the course and university they desire to!All the best guys!

Happy Birthday to ME!

First of all, I would like to wish myself HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:)

Secondly, I want to thank my friends who celebrated birthday with me yesterday and they are Xin Hui, Wye Lyng and Jiuh Wong. I really feel appreciate for the "suprise" birthday party.

We went to Blossom Height to have steamboat. Yes! We finally make it after don't know how many days and months ago. To have a steamboat gathering also need to plan so so long! And you know what, our very FIRST planner for the steamboat gathering couldn't make it and he is SEE YOON WANG! I need to mention it with capital letters also although he can't see it (but I wish you can see it ONEDAY). I want to tell the whole world he is a FFK's King. Lolz...

We 4 persons ate from 6.30p.m. to 10 something and sat there until 11 something. All the customers who came later than us also finished their meal and back. I think we get black-listed to come here again because we come early, back late and we wasted 2 mutton steaks (there is not allow to waste foods). We don't know there is a CCTV looked at what we had did. Jiuh Wong felt guity to waste foods. Pity him!!!lOlz...

Around 10 something, we had a quiet birthday song and had our birthday cheese cake. Yummy! We ended up the gathering by 11p.m. .

Thanks guys for celebrated my 20th birthday with me! I love yas!!!
And thanks those who sent their wishes to me by sms, comments in friendster! I appreciate them alots!!

My Birthday Cake from them. Cheess cake. Oyishi Ne!!!
Siah was too hungry kept staring at the cake.
Me & Sopoh Lyng! Lolz..
Xin Hui & ME!

Happy birthday to me! 15/06/2008

Thanks thanks thanks for many thousand times!

Ning Shing:)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cream Puffs

Yahooo!!!! Finally I ate Beard Papa's cream puffs. Yummy!!! I asked my sister bought for me from Mid Valley yesterday.

Beard Papa's Fresh'n Natural Cream Puff.

Chocolate flavour. Taste not bad.

New flavour. Sesame. Taste good. I like this.:P
Vanilla flavour.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol Price

Petrol price will be raise about 78cents per litre tomorrow onwards.
All the petrol stations are fulled with car.
Many cars just queue up and wait for their turn to pump in the last day cheaper petrol.
What the hell man!! People will be suffer more then.
And as I know, when August, the petrol price will be increase about 100% to RM4.00 per litre. Damn! Petrol price keep increasing but salary didn't raise for those workers. Suffer to survive nowadays.

One of the petrol stations at Lobak.

Monday, June 2, 2008


This song is purposely wrote for Sichuan Earthquake. This song is sang by 劉德華 任賢齊 許志安 鄭秀文 何韻詩 楊千嬅 王菀之 林一峰 劉浩龍 籃奕邦 方皓玟at17農夫. The lyrics is so meaningful and touching! Love it very much. Let's click and watch this video. Enjoy yourself!

*We will walk with you in the future!*