Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Work for FREE!!!

Yesterday when I had lunch with Wye Lyng, we talked about Feb is coming soon and our boss sure ask us to help him in the collection fees. Actually at first he asked us did for Jan, we still okay with that until we had experience that!

You all don't think that collect fees is an easy job but it is really tough job. There are over hundred students have to pay the fees and we have to collect all of them. Have to open receipts and some of them need to get their change and they have to attend class by time. So, we just wrote faster until our hand almost broke.

You know what, we thought boss will give us the pay for our help but he didn't.Too bad!!!
So, we decided not to help him for the coming Feb yesterday. But, unfortunately, after my lunch hour, we went back to centre and the boss came to us. I thought is what! He asked us to come at 8.30a.m. on Saturday! Oh Gosh~~I and Wye Lyng didn't reject him but just forced to accept. Argg...have to work for FREE another time since boss said if sorts of any money, it's okay. We no need to pay back but those stuffs there seems like we part timer.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The things happened in my working's life

Sometimes I feel that working has a lot of funny things to see and yet sometimes feel angry to teach.
Today, one of my beloved new student did something that I really don't know should angry or funny. She can insert the disket(the old fashion stuff) inside the CD-ROM.Oh my Goodness!!!I had already shown her in her first day of class but she still can did the superb wrong thing.Well, maybe I should be more patient to them when I'm teaching but you know what...I'm a person who lack of patience.

Besides, some of the students who are maybe elder than me(something around 20+++++ years old)can spelled the word ADDRESS to adress, EXAM to exem/adxem and so forth. I was wondering all these words we all learned when we were primary school but yes, they can spelled them wrongly.

Furthermore, those students especially Malays & Indians(not discrimination here) who really stubborn enough. When they don't know something about the exercises, of course I shown them way to do but what made me angry is after I had shown and asked them to do redo what I had done, they can told me that they were forgotten and didn't know how to do already. So, I was showing the another time and they told me that they still can't get it. What the hell!!!!?!?!I started to teach them with high pitch and scolded them why not to marked down what I'm saying just now. They really stubborn enough because they didn't do what I had asked for.Shit!!!

They even don't know how to differentiate between OPEN and SAVE. Everytime the class started, they have to open back what the last exercise they did in the previous class. They can go to the SAVE there and open. Oh Gosh....Okay!I'm willing to teach them once but what the terrible thing is they everytime also did the same thing. Sometimes I really want to ask them are you study before?!!?!?" Save and Open you also can't differentiate them?How stupid are you!!!?!?!" But I know I can't do that because they are my students and I'm the teacher who responsible to them.

Last but not least, got 2 Sikh students took Intensive class(means have to finish the Microsoft Office in 8 classes). But after 8 classes if they can't finish, they have to pay again. You know what, their father(both are sisters) came to the counter there and asked.
This is the conversation.
Father : Why my daughters still can't finish the syllabus after 8 classes??Is it I have to pay for the next month..?
The Counter : Maybe they were slow in typing and yes you have to pay.
Father : What maybe???!!!You all should know what!Said 8 classes finish and now have to pay again??So ridiculous.!!Who is the tutor??!!
The Counter : If they slow then we also can't do anything.
Father : @2@#!!!#!#@$#%@@$!

And they came for the extra 1 class to finish the syllabus without paying.
Okay.....they finished and took another programme(Graphic).
It is very smooth for teaching them because they quite smart but their father is troublesome.
One day, I had forgotten to give them their certificates for the Intensive class and their father came and complained somemore. What the f**K!!Can't he just wait?!!?!?!I will give the cert the other day but he came to complain somemore. The Kakak(counter) also hate him so much!!!Me too!!!Hope don't want to see them anymore!!!

Okay...Here are all my complains when work. I won't complain to people but just blog it because this job is I found one. Nobody forced me!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Long Hair

Finally, I decided to cut my hair already.
I got this plan since don't know when decade....finally I did it!
Erm....quite ok with my short hair but the problem is the fringe too short!!!
But what to do.....cutted already!Can't change anymore, just can wait it long itself.
Feel like my head very light...lol...

Then I bought another pair of shoe today with my mum.
Omg...this is the 4th pair of shoes I already bought!
So wasted money!!!!But I like the feeling to buy things.Lol...Especially used my own earned money!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The boring life

The days of working are really boring.
So just took up my phone to capture something that happened in my life.Really tooooo sienz!!!!!

+=+ The Superb boring PC I'd ever used before +=+

+=+ Did U see ME? +=+ +=+ Some of my "smart" students +=+

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 1st gathering after STPM

Me, Siah, Sammy and See had our 1st gathering today.
One month we didn't meet each other after our last paper!
Siah came down from Jelebu at 9.30a.m. when I still in my dream.
Then I met Siah and Sammy at T1 at 11 something.
We watched The Game Plan by The Rock.....
Omg!!The Rock is cool and handsome...
I love him....lol...
His quote is "Never Say No!"
The last part when he had to separate with her daughter was quite touch!
I can't imagine that a strong, tough man, Joe will fall down his tears.
I think worth to watch it!!!
After that, we met See at T1 too at 2.30p.m.
Then he wanna to take lunch, so we just accompanied him.
We chatted about our recently life and so forth....
And Siah wanna back to Jelebu at 4p.m.
So our gathering had the full stop then.
Hmmm...after this gathering, don't know when we still can meet again since everyone just busy with their life to earn money.