Saturday, April 11, 2009

I HATE IT!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love someone that is impossbile for you is it suffer?

Love someone that he/she already has another partner is it that suffer?
Love him/her, but can't let them know.
Keep inside the heart.
Cry alone, sad alone. Is this worth it to do that?
One of my friend is facing this problem now.
She likes someone she can't likes.
The guy has GF already.
He is not that good actually. He treat everyone also the same.
He believes that there is no any gap between guys and gals.
So he treat you like this just because he made you as friend!!!!! He cares you just because you are one of his friend.
He already has GF!!!!! You should wake up from your fairy tale's dream.
He is not worth for you, I guessed so.
Your emotions now have control by him.
Today you told me that you very sad because he didn't reply your message and tomorrow you said you were very happy because he replied you.
I gonna faint with all of these rubbish.
You are such a fool. You fooled by yourself and by him. You better WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!
Many people already knew that he got GF and many people also told you about this. But you still wanna wait some miracle to happen.
Yes, maybe someday the miracle would happen but when?
When the time he and his GF break??
Don't wait for his letter or sms.
Don't sad for him anymore.
You still young and still got many choices out there waiting for you.