Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eternity Love?

I really wonder in this world, is there any eternity love exist? I'm very doubt about it although I really wish it does.
Sometimes reality is just very cruel until that we forced to accept it. No matter you like it or not.
Does an answer for the question you've popped out to us really a matter to you?
I don't think so because the answer we give is not important anymore.
This incident just make me feel very disappointed on you as I'm very respect you all the while. But all these just spoil by you because of this incident.
I wonder how can you change yourself in just a short period?
I don't know what is happening but I just can't imagine that this word will spoke by you.
All of us just can't accept what you've done to us. We knew that maybe you need it and we also knew we can't give you much, but at least before this, we living in a happy life.
I don't know how it will change after tomorrow. I hope it will remaining the same and you will listen to us. Please don't be childish anymore since you are not young anymore. Be mature and think for us.

An emotional me..................and I really need someone to talk with but I can't.