Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review Resolution 2012

     Let's see what  I've done for my resolution 2012:
  1. Learn up as much as things in my career. Don't keep wait for the senior to ask me to do. (In progress)
  2. Decrease my weight to the limit I've set since this morning I weighed, omg, I'm over limit! (Failed)
  3. No shopping anymore in the first half year of 2012. (because I spent a lots in buying unnecessary things.:( ) ( Done)
  4. Must restart my exercise again! Twice a week if didn't go for outstation. (Half Done, Half Failed)
  5. Must do savings. (Failed)
  6. Must learn to do some investment.  (Done)
  7. Must learn to love and care everyone in my life.   (In Progress)
  8. If found my true love, must appreciate him. Not to repeat my mistakes again.    (In progress)
  9. Learn to control my emotions, my tempered. Do not easily get angry.     (In progress)
  10. Must do some charity works and keep update with my sponsored kid   (Failed)

So for my resolution 2013, apart from my pending resolution last year, I think it should add in some new resolution for me to achieve:
  1. To set a target for my monthly saving. 
  2. Travel and gain experience from the trip.
  3. Have a healthy life (fruits, exercises & sleep early)

I think it is enough for me to achieve for this year 2013. Hopefully I can do it one by one.

Happy New Year Guys!