Saturday, July 3, 2010

The End

Finally, my Industrial Training was coming to the end. This was the time I wished it to come faster but now, I was a bit upset because I had a great time with my colleagues this 2 months.
Although 2 months doesn't seems long but also not a short period. Our friendship is built! I very happy to know them in TQCC.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me alots in TQCC, taught me so many things that I couldn't learn in University. I also want to thank Nurul & Siti, my good friends in TQCC. They treat me very very nice. I'm very glad that I can knew them. Both of them are nice and sweet girls. Besides, I want to thank KLK's Group for giving me this chance to training here and had a great experience.
Today, everyone was asking me whether I will working at TQCC again after graduate? I also don't know how to answer them but hopefully, I also want to go back there because the place is near my house and the most important is, the people there are really nice and friendly. I'm not regret chosen this place as my training place.
Although you guys can't see my this post, but I just want to tell here I very happy to know you guys! Nice to meet you everyone in TQCC! This post is specially dedicated to you all. Hope you all are happy and take care. All the best people!