Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"Everything has no turning point after it happened"
I very agreed with this statement. Once it happened, you can't turn it back because it might caused hurt in physical or mental.
Although you're trying to fix it back, but it is useless. There will always have a scar that you cannot recover forever.
I guessed the fixing period is important too. When people is giving you the chance, but you missed it, then it's too late when the time you want back the chance.
We must really appreciate what we are having now and don't miss out any chances that people giving you. Not everyone will giving you the second chance again once you miss it!
And then, everything is change and different!
That's why I appreciate everything I'm having now
Family, My best girlfriends and YOU.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Stupid life!

I don't like my working life recently!
I found out that the people in working life are so complicated!
Gossip about each other behind the people, hate the people who do less work, want to bother all the things happened around them, etc.
But I want to know that, is that necessary for you to bother so much? I think all of these are none of your business. Can't you just mind your own business instead of others?
My mood was totally spoilt yesterday! I really can't understand human well.
Seniority is that so important for you all? People who do not want to respect you, then is your problem. You are the one should think about it but not discussed behind!

But luckily, I got my real friends accompany me along the way! And they are much more simple and lovely than the working adults!