Thursday, February 28, 2008

Speak Like A CEO

I just read a book entitled "Speak like a CEO" by Suzanne Bates from Internet just for the half.
I think this book is really useful for us- the young generations!
There are 8 secrets to speak like a CEO but unfortunately, I just can read until the fifth secret. I think I will going to buy it to read or just borrow from State Library. The book teach us the way to talk like a CEO or the people in the top of the world. And all their employees are more concern about is how their bosses communicate with them and their clients. The important phrase I think it's meaningful is "Communication is Everything".
The 5 out of 8 secrets to speak like a CEO are as below : -

Secret 1 : Talk About Big Ideas - There is more important in the power of the speech and not the length of the speech. A best speech is doesn't mean to be long.

Secret 2 : Speak In The Moment - You must talk to people about what is happening in the moment and the most important is you have to talk something which is related to them.

Secret 3 : Keep It Simple - Your speech must be straightforward and simple and don't add too much. Remember not to tell old grandma's story. A simple speech will be remember always.

Secret 4 : Be a Straight Shooter - As a CEO or people want to be on the top, must remember one word - the Honestly. Honestly is the most important key leads us to success.

Secret 5 : Be an Optimist - It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Be optimist and you can achieve more.

Secret 6 and so forth.............don't have them at the moment.

For those who want to success in their life, you should read this book. You will never regret to read it!
I am jobless now and at first I thought I will be very enjoy my long holiday without work! But I think I'm wrong because just a few days, I felt boring and doing nothing! Everyday my schedule was just sleep, wake up, eat, online, tv and sleep back again. Really superb boring! All my friends are working and just I'm free like a bird!

And these few days, I heart a song sang by Yang Pei An. Really nice and touch my heart! The lyrics and the melody really make me wanna cry! I was just kept repeating this song again and again.

Nothing to write anymore!! Boring Life!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Make your mind to be happy. Learn
to find pleasure in simple things.

Make the best of your
circumstances. No one has everything,
and everyone has something.

Part make yourself too seriously.
Don't think that some how you should be
protected from misfortune that befalls
other people.

You can't please everybody. Don't let
critism worry you.

Don't let your neighbour set your
standards. Be urself!

Do the thing u enjoys doing but
stay out of debts.

Never borrow trouble. Imaginary
things are harder to bear than real

Since rate poisons the soul, do not
cherish jealously, enmity, grudges.
Avoid ppl who make u unhappy.

Have many interests. If u can't
travel, read about new places.

Don't hold post-mortems. Don't be
one who never gets over things.

Do what u can for those less
fortunate than urself.

Keep busy at something. A busy
person never has time to be unhappy.

Monday, February 25, 2008

分手前的雨天 by 张敬轩

我知道这一天它终于会出现 像一道闪电
站在篮球场的冰点 迎接爱情的期限

分手前的雨天 我记得脸上的雨点
我都看不见了 分手前的雨天
那个分手的雨天 我忘了脸上的雨点

我都听不见 分手的雨天

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Miss You !!!
I really do ...
But you will not know it forever !!!

Shopping Day

I went KL with Wye Lyng yesterday morning. At first, we planned to go to Mid Valley but then the Miss Low said wanna go to Sg Wang, so we just change our destination. But later on, we change another time to Time Square.

So, we met in KTM at 10a.m.(supposed at 9.30a.m. but I was late...lolz) and took KTM to KL Central. We then took Monorail to Imbi Station. Both of us first time went to Time Square by Monorail. We both were confused where is Time Square located and finally we managed to find it. We arrived Time Square by 12p.m. sharp.

Then we started our 'shopping hunt'. Actually we were hungry when arrived there, but still wanna to shop first before our lunch! We just shopping for about 1 and a half hour. After that, we just wanted to take our lunch. We planned to eat KFC. So we went to KFC there and you know what, many people and there was fulled. So we wanted to find another restaurant but we couldn't make it. So we just returned to KFC there and luckily, we found a table. So, I get Wye Lyng foods and she kept the table.

After we ate, we continued our 'shopping hunt'. We both managed to buy things we wanted. Wye Lyng bought 2 shirts and I bought 2 pants. This 'shopping hunt' is quite fun and I do enjoy it.
When around 4p.m. , we took Monorail back to KL Central and my brother fetch us back Sban. After arrived Sban, Wye Lyng didn't back home straight away but came to my house until 6 something. This is because later on I had to go my brother's gf's house which near Wye Lyng's house. So she just online-d in my house then.

This is the first time my parents were allowed me to go KL with my friend by KTM. Honestly, although we both were tired but we still enjoyed it. Wye Lyng was planned for next time 'shopping hunt' too.

My lunch (Before) & (After)

Wye Lyng don't let me captured her face!lolz

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bai Tian Gong

Thursday night, we 1st time Bai Tian Gong.
We prepared all the stuff that needed when Bai Tian Gong. Really need alot of stuff and money to do so.
At that day morning, we went to grandmom's house to invite grandparents and uncles & aunts to come to join this event.
So, we whole family busy on that day morning. I be responsible to clean up the house while mom prepared all those foods.

At 12 a.m., we all change the new clothes and started to Bai Tian Gong while I was the Camera Girl. The environment was crowded. Some played mahjong while some played card. After Bai Tian Gong, mom and dad cooked some mee for them to eat. They all went back at 2a.m.. I and my siblings played mahjong till 4a.m. .

The next day, we had a dinner with all the relatives. My mom and dad were busy with the preparation. There are alot of foods to eat. We started to eat at 7 something when all are arrived. So after dinner, some played mahjong and some played cards too. The reunion dinner is quite successful.

This is our 1st time to Bai Tian Gong and hope everything good come for us and our prays with come true soon.
Thanks to Tian Gong Ye Ye.

= The Preparation of Bai Tian Gong =

= tHE front =

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year

Here are all my activities in this CNY.

1st day of CNY:
Go grandmom's house at Rasah to have dinner with all relatives. After dinner, all the kids were playing cards in the living room and I was only the observer. I didn't gamble at grandmom's house. After that, we went back home and I only played Mahjong with brother and Mom. I was lost that night.

2nd day of CNY:
In the morning, we went to take our breakfast and back home again. We were going to KL at the noon after lunch at my grandmom's house. Before we went to grandmom's house, we were playing Mahjong again and this time I won. Luckily didn't lose all the money.
After lunch, we straight away went to KL to visit the relatives on my Mom's side. Firstly, we went to 2nd uncle's house with 3rd aunt and family. They started to gamble. My cousin be the host. The environment there was noisy and alot of fun. My aunts all scream when they were won and lose. I didn't play because they played very big. One round, 50 bucks. My poor Mom lose 175 bucks.
At 6 something, we had our dinner and then we went to my grandpa's house. At there, my brother and my sister and I just stayed for a while and we went back to Seremban at 8 something.
At first, I promised friends wanna go out with them at that night, but since I was too tired, I just cancelled the promise. After that, I had to followed my sister to her friend's house that night because they don't allow me to stay at home alone. So, I forced to go with her.
That day, I went home at 12 something midnight and I wanted to watch a movie shown in the TV, but I was too tired, so just went to sleep.

3rd day of CNY:
I went to Jelebu with my Form 6's friends to visit my Jelebu's friends. We went there at 10 something and arrived there around 11 something. We went to 'Bai Nian' from one house to another house. We went to 7 houses and back at 6 something. Damn tired but fulled with fun because can met them since after STPM.
At night, my 2nd brother and his girlfriend, my sister and I went to have our dinner together.
At first, we went to Hawaii Steak House one but there fulled with people. So we change to Kesington in Era Walk. The food there is quite okay but my brother they all just kept complain about the environment and the decoration there.
After dinner, we went back home and played Mahjong again. This time is played with my brother's girlfriend and my big brother. I won of course!

4th day of CNY:
Chai Pic and the Jelebu Gang came Seremban to 'Bai Nian'. Their 1st house was my house since it is the nearest. They came at 12p.m. and watched CJ 7 at my house while waiting some others to come. After that, we went to Phea Sun's house and then took our lunch at Jusco. Jusco was crowded! After that, we went to Hwei Nee's house and last but not least, Jason's house.
After that, I had to back home because my relatives came my house from KL. I had dinner with them and they went back to KL at 6 something.

5th day of CNY:
I started to work today. But you know what, my boss thought I didn't come to work today and he asked the Kakak Wani come back and work. So, I was quite suprised when saw Kak Wani. Today I also planned to tell my boss that I wanna quit the job. I don't want to work anymore. At first I still worried to find Wye Lyng to replace me but now no need. Kak Wani is back! So I worked there for half day today and leave. What make me angry is my boss really stingy. He didn't give me my 1 and a half day's salary and even a open-work ang-pau. Mr. Simon(a teacher there) also gave me what! Oh my God! Stingy boss! I asked Wye Lyng to ask for my salary later. See whether he will give or not! If he don't, nevermind. Just free for him. If he give, then better~!I got extra money to use!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last Saturday, my mom went to Institut Jantung Negara for the operation next week. So we all accompanied her to there. Her operation supposed on Monday one but because something happened, so she just did a small operation. Quite poor my lovely mom...Wish she will be healthy soon in the coming New Year.

After CNY, she maybe has to go to IJN to do the original operation that she needs to do that day. Well, she stay in the hospital from Saturday to Tuesday. She discharged today and we back to Sbn straight away.

In the hospital, I saw many little kids suffering from heart problem. They really poor kids. Beside my mom's bed was a little Malay kid(i think 10 years old), he was so suffering. He kept crying of pain. His heart got a hole and his lungs were infected by virus. So is quite dangerous. So the doctors have to help him to operate tomorrow. May God will bless him too!

After back from there, I could say that I am really lucky because can stay healthy. I really have to appreciate what God has gave me. I really DO!! So guys all also have to take good care of your health so that you won't be regret later. Health is start from young!

May GOD bless my mom and family and all my friends.